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Cumchrist Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2003 12:03:49 AM

CUMCHRIST are drunken christ-hating idiots from the bowels of Chicago's South Side. Horribly offensive and badly played retard grind.

Scrote and Buttwrench got completely shitfaced and had the idea to start a band with songs under a minute long. So we sacrificed a little baby, prayed to Satan, called Pudhammer and here we are. The first CDR demo "God Owes Me Money" was recorded on Halloween 1999 and mixed the following day. For the next year, not much happened except for alot of drinking and smoking. CUMCHRIST finally decided to write a few more songs, and with the help of a few friends including members of CorpseVomit, Gorgasm and Cianide, re-entered Chicago's 35th Street studio and pounded out "Second Cumming".

Adding Dooley SphincterHaagen on bass, CUMCHRIST was signed to Unmatched Brutality Records, and in February 2003 the cd "Cumplete" which contains both previous demos plus some extras (????????) was released and no one noticed.

Buttwrench: guitars, backing vokills, kazoo of doom, anti-semite
Scrote: lead vokills, beer/whiskey runs
Pudhammer: drums, percussion, master of the five band shuffle
Dooley SphincterHaagen: bass, brutal criticisim, road rage