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Cryptic Carnage Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2003 08:22:51 PM

Cryptic Carnage was one of those bands you watch while you are waiting for the bands you went to a specific venue to see. They went on right after Morbus Kitahara and we were waiting for Janus so we took in this act.

I was familiar with a song or two so I knew these guys were pretty much what I call "enhanced metal". Basically a metal band but with added touches of "cross-over" or electronic programming and melodic gothic touches. CC had a few of these touches but more or less were a hair-metal band ( your first guess with the name alone was right on the money?).

Live they gave a good energetic performance but this was not really my kind of thing. I like Atrocity, Oomph and a lot of enhanced metal acts but these guys just aren't in same league with those guys in my opinion. The lead singer of Cryptic Carnage is too much of a pretty-boy and doesn't look the part for the fierce implications of the name and music.