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Il Divo Crying (Llorando) Lyrics

Last updated: 11/06/2011 11:00:00 AM

I was fine for a while
Returning to smile
Then I saw you last night
Your hand touched me
And the greeting of your voice
I spoke to you very well and you
Without knowing
That I have been crying for your love

Crying for your love
Crying for your love

After your goodbye
I felt all my pain
Alone and crying, crying, crying
It is easy to understand
That seeing you again
I do this crying

I thought that I forgot you
But it is true, it is the truth
I love you even more
Much more than yesterday
You tell me that I can
You do not love me anymore
And I will always be

Crying for your love
Crying for your love

Your love
It took
All my heart
And I stay crying

For your love