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A-ha Crying In The Rain Lyrics

Last updated: 05/19/2011 11:00:00 AM

I'll never let you see
The way my broken heart is hurting me
I've got my pride and I know how to hide
All my sorrow and pain
I'll do my crying in the rain

If I wait for stormy skies
You won't know the rain from the tears in my eyes
You'll never know that I still love you so
Though the heartaches remain
I'll do my crying in the rain

Raindrops falling from heaven
Could never take away my misery
But since we're not together
I pray for stormy weather
To hide these tears I hope you'll never see

Someday when my crying's done
I'm gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun
I may be a fool
But till then, darling, you'll never see me complain
I'll do my crying in the rain

I'll do my crying in the rain
I'll do my crying in the rain
I'll do my crying in the rain

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Anonim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/11

Girl:Am i pretty?
Girl: Do you want to be with me forever?
Girl:Would you cry if i walked away?

She heard enough and was hurt,she walked away tears ran down her face.
The boy grabbed her arm.

Boy:You're not pretty,you're beautiful
Boy:I don't want you to be with you forever,i NEED to be with you forever
Boy:And i wouldn't cry if you walked away,i would die!
Boy whispers: Please stay with me!
Girl whispers: Of course...

one of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/06

when i first heard this song, i really felt butterfliies in my stomac. it is a beautiful goodbye song. congratulations, a-ha!