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Tracy Lawrence Crying Ain't Dying Lyrics

Last updated: 09/19/2000 01:45:03 AM

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First he said he loved you, he promised you he'd be true
Then he was unfaithful, word got back to you
Tonight when he came calling, you wouldn't let him in
Now your tears are fallin and you swear they'll never end
But cryin ain't dying, losin' ain't forever
It's kind of like the weather, it changes everyday
You learned yourself a lesson, 'Bout loving and lying
But you will live to love again Cause crying ain't dying
Even though he hurt you, he's still the one you want
You're gonna feel this way till the day you don't
You can pull the shades down, grieve what's gone before
But you can't keep tomorrow from walkin' through that door
You learned yourself a lesson 'bout loving and lying
But you will live to love again crying ain't dying
You will live to love again cause crying ain't dying

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