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Cryhavoc Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2003 08:20:43 PM

Originally band was formed in the fall of 1992 under the name of Preprophecy. First the music was made in the vein of classic deathmetal "Florida" sound. The style was like that only in the demo 1993 A "Tomb of Sanity". Because of the clean production or the " hit "songs such as " Depth of Delight " and "Laugh of God" Preprophecy received lots of great feedback from the worldwide scene (" an instant classic ").

After six months Preprophecy went to studio again and the result was the "Season of Sorrows"-demo. This time however, the music was ore "Emotional" deathmetal. With great production Preprophecy received again smashing reviews from the scene.

In the fall of 1995 the idea was to make a best possible tape to warm-up the record labels. The result was a "Promo/Demo -95" with huge success from the media upon metal scene.

And in summer 1996 drummer and bassist decided to quit the band. They just didn't have any feelings or time or whatever to continue.. However, new members, Taneli Nyholm (bass) and Matti Roiha (drums), were found soon from the band called Absurdus and the name changed to Ravensfall.

In the fall of 1996 the band went to studio, but this time the budget wasn't the best possible, but fortunately "Promo/Demo -96" turned out to be a real killer one for it sound and atmosphere.

At the same time Absurdus received a contract from the UK´s main metal label Candlelight records. And because of this Taneli Nyholm and Matti Roiha weren't able to handle both of the bands at the same time. However new members, Kari Myöhänen (bass) and Pauli Tolvanen (drums) were found soon and band was ready to rock again.

Ravensfall received a contract in summer -97 from Singaporean main metal label and the band went to studio Tico-Tico in January 1998. Unfortunately the money crisis in Asia caused serious problems to the label to make the payment to the studio...And obviously the band was in pretty deep shit.

After a carefully finished and cured from King hangover the guys went to Spinefarm headquarters to show the album. The mainman Ewo got interested and offered a multialbum deal for the band and the name changed to Cryhavoc.

After Spinefarm had released the "Sweetbriers" album Nuclear Blast surprised and licensed the album to the European markets. Nuclear Blast also arranged full European Tour with The Gathering

Cryhavoc´s second album "Pitch Black Blues" was recorded again in Tico-Tico Studio with Ahti Kortelainen and it was released in August -99 in Finland and later in all over Europe. In December-99 Pitch-black Blues -album was released through Rock Brigade Records and Laser Company Records in South America and there was the whole promo/demo -96 as a bonus track.

In October-99 Cryhavoc did small Scandinavian Tour with In Flames and Dark Tranquillity.