Cryfemal Lyrics

1996, Ebola creates Cryfemal with the idea of making an
unique, exclusive & genuine project into the most dark &
extreme metal. Cryfemal means "Cry of sickness".
1997, Ebola records the demo "Agaliareth, Nocturnal Soul"
released by Necromance Rec(Spa) on 100 cassettes.
1998, Ebola records "Satanor." Another new demo. Not
2000, Ebola records "Fuck you god!". Released by Nigra Mors
Rec(Spa) on 333 cassettes and Scream Rec(Spa) on 100 Cd-r.
2002, Ebola records "Escucha... La Muerte Persigue!".
Released by Blasphemy Rec(Spa) on More...

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