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Cryfemal Biography

Last updated: 07/07/2011

1996, Ebola creates Cryfemal with the idea of making an unique, exclusive & genuine project into the most dark & extreme metal. Cryfemal means "Cry of sickness".
1997, Ebola records the demo "Agaliareth, Nocturnal Soul" released by Necromance Rec(Spa) on 100 cassettes.
1998, Ebola records "Satanor." Another new demo. Not released.
2000, Ebola records "Fuck you god!". Released by Nigra Mors Rec(Spa) on 333 cassettes and Scream Rec(Spa) on 100 Cd-r.
2002, Ebola records "Escucha... La Muerte Persigue!". Released by Blasphemy Rec(Spa) on 300 cassettes and War Pro(Por) on 666 cassettes.
2003, Ebola records "Raising deads... buring alives!". Released by Oniric Rec(Spa) and War Pro(Por) on 500 cd-r. Total War Pro(Bra) on 333 cassettes. This year Ebola with the help of NecroSeheiim on the keyboard, records "With The Help Of The Devil". Released by Trinity Records Hong Kong on 1000 Cds.
2004, Ebola and session musicians, in the cementery La Almudena, Madrid, record the first Cryfemal Video Clip "Segunda Muerte". This year Regimental Rec(Usa) released on Cd "Escucha a los muertos". It Contains "Escucha... La Muerte Persigue!", "Raising deads... buring alives!" and the "Niebla De Funeral" song. Limited to 1000 copies.
2005, Ebola records "Perpetua FĂșnebre Gloria". Released by Oniric Rec(Spa) on 1500 Cds, Warfront Pro(Ger) on 500 vinyls and Bylec-Tum(Ita) on 333 cassettes.
2007, Ebola records "Apoteosis Oculta". Released by Oniric Rec(Spa) on 1000 Cds, Bloodred Horizon Rec(Aus) on 500 vinyls and Strigoi Rec(Pol) on 300 cassettes.
2008, Ebola records the second Cryfemal Video Clip "Terribles Disciplinas". This year Ebola records "Increibles Tormentos". Released by Bloodred Horizon Rec(Aus), in 2009, on Cd. Strigoi Records(Pol) on 300 cassettes.
2009, Ebola records "Unholy Hangover", song for a split 7" Ep with Silva Nigra(Cz). Released by Self Mutilation Services(Mex) limited to 500 copies. This year Ebola records "Letanias del Necromante" 7" Ep. Released by Warhemic Productions(USA) limited to 500 copies.
2010, Ebola records the third Cryfemal Video Clip "Unholy Hangover". This year Ebola records "Malicioso Sonido Putrefacto", the sixth album of Cryfemal. Released by Obscure Abhorrence Productions(Ger) on Cd.
2011, Some re-releases will be edited. "With the Help of the Devil" via Blacksaw Records(Mex), "Perpetua Funebre Gloria" via Undercover Records(Bra) & "Apoteosis Oculta" via Mercenary Musik(Usa)...

After 16 years in the Black metal underground. Ebola gets the most important decision for the band. Cryfemal is fucking dead.
Thanks so much to people who supported. Cryfemal R.I.P. forever!!! 1996-2011.