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Mariah Carey Crybaby (featuring Snoop Doggy Dog) Lyrics

Last updated: 09/10/2007 11:00:00 AM

yo whats happenin'
what you cryin' for
now you know you look too damn good to be cryin'
come here... holla at a playa dpg style

When I think of our untimely end
And everything we could have been
I cry, baby I cry

Ok so it's 5 am and
I still can't sleep
I took some medicine
But it's not working
Someone's clinging to me
And it's bittersweet
'Cause he's head over heels
But it ain't that deep
I finally changed my number
Got a different pager
Then last Saturday
Your cousin called to say you're
Tryin' to reach me
Probably because you see that
I'm with someone new

Late at night like a little child
Wandering 'round alone in my new friends' home
On my tippy toes
So that he won't know
I still cry baby
Over you and me

Sipping Bailey's Cream
by the stereo
Trying to find relief
On the radio
I'm suppressing the tears
But they start to flow

'Cause the next song I hear
Is a song I wrote
When we first got together
Early that September
I can't bear to listen
So I might as well drift
In the kitchen
Pour another glass or two
And try to forget you



baby here me when I say
let that man be on his way
dont even waste your time
or how he handles time
baby hear me when I say
a playa feelin' good today
dont even waste your time
watch how i handle things
the man is a fool for real
but on the real fun do
d o double gizzy y
kiss the girls and make them cry
repeat chorus

why does it still bother me

i dont get no sleep
im up all week
thinkin' of you and me
and everything we used to be
it could have been so perfect see
i cry
i cry, i cryyyyyy
oh i gotta get me some sleep
baby and i cryyyyyy
on my tippi toes so that he wont know
i still cryyy
like a little child
tututututu tutututututututu
bado bado bado
bado bado bado
cryyyyyy,cryyyyy,cryyyyyy, cryyyyyy
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