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Poison Cry Tough Lyrics

Last updated: 10/31/2005 12:00:00 PM

Remember the nights we've sat
and talked about all our dreams
Well little did we know then
they were more distant than they seemed
Well I knew it
and you knew it too
The things we'd go through
We knew the things we had to do
to make it, baby

You gotta cry tough
Out on the streets
To make your dreams happen
You gotta cry out
Out to the world
To make them all come true

Life ain't no easy ride
At least that's what I am told
Sometimes a rainbow baby
is better than a pot of gold, well
You've got to stick it out
whether you're wrong or right
And you can't give in without a fight
to make it baby


You gotta aim high, baby
whether you lose or win
And when you get to the top
You gotta get off and go right back down again

solo, chorus out
Thanks to Traci for submitting Cry Tough Lyrics.