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Since the darkness took our minds
They burned our courage many died
Had to leave it all behind rebuild our lives
Passing memories remained
It made my soul a burning flame
Haunted dreams of my desire
Reveal my name

Raise our swords we fight for life
Shields and armor shining bright
Strike like dragons have no fear
Swords are made of steel

Fly across the high seas and mountains (mountains)
Rise above the golden horizon (horizon)
Far away beyond the gates of space and time
Through the wastelands forever and on
Still we fight on for our freedom (freedom)
The cry of the fallen souls bleeding (bleeding)
Forever journey through the lands of ice and snow
Will we face all the fears of the world?
The cry of the brave

Since the time we saw the sign
Destruction of your feeble mind
Centuries have come and gone but nothing's changed
Hopes and dreams have disappeared
Destruction of your kind is near
Trapped inside your suffering eternal flame

Search the darkness search the light
Fierce resistance what a fight
Glory for unholy seal
Lies all cast in steel


[Solos - Herman / Sam / Herman / Sam]

In the depths of your desire
So secretly you feed the fire
Burning through the memories of all our lives
Watch the day turn into night
You reach out for that guiding light
First to be the one to hear their blinding lies

Fear of darkness fear of light
Sucked in by their ancient might
Ruthless in what you may feel
When your mind they steal


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Cry of the brave | Reviewer: Nate | 1/27/10

Okay this is NOT 'fields of despair'. It is cry of the brave. The chorus lyrics for Fields of Despair are....

'Silent fields of despair; my tears in the rain
Pain in my heart bleeding through
One day we'll be back for one moment in time
Endlessly searching for you'

That pretty much explains the song name.

This song explains it's own name in

'Will we face all the fears of the world?
The cry of the brave'

Great Japan-only song! | Reviewer: DJ Blaze | 8/15/09

This song is one of their best, and this is "Cry Of The Brave". I can understand it getting confused with Once In A Lifetime due to the Japan-only bonus thing, but confusing this with Fields Of Despair because of a LimeWire error? Still 1,000,000/5 stars here.

TTRM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/09

When I look at these lyrics, all I see are spelling errors and lines from "Once in a Lifetime".
Listening to the mentioned song and following these lyrics confirms for me that these lyrics (or most of them) are from "Once in a Lifetime".

Could someone else confirm this for me as well?
I've got one song which's title is still unknown to me.

Multiple of the comments posted here state that this song is either "Cry of the Brave" or "Fields of Despair". Due to this argument between the former posters, I'm getting highly unsure.
One of the posts suggests going to youtube to listen to "Cry of the Brave" and that what you will hear is, and I quote, "NOT FEILDS OF DESPAIR.".
So I went to youtube to check out that one.
What I found was this:

According to that vid, along with the lyrics posted in it's "more info"-section, the above lyrics are way off target.

Summarizing my comment:

1) Is the song in the vid on youtube (which I linked to) "Cry of the Brave", or are the lyrics which are already submitted here correct?

2) If the above lyrics are correct, then what is the title of the song I linked you to?


cry of the brave | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/09

if you think that the song title is fields of despair then you're silly :P the song keeps saying the cry of the brave.. its obvious enough its cry of the brave.. and if you check fields of despair they also say fields of despair..
anyways this song rocks!

DANG IT IT'S CALLED CRY OF THE BRAVE!!!! | Reviewer: luk roos | 2/25/09

you may see it as feilds of despair but that sony is the third song on the album. cry of the brave is nineth. and if you dont believe me, then look on stinkin itunes and listen to the sample of feilds of despair. and dont be all "they lie at itunes" becuase THEY DON'T. for more proof look on youtube search "dragonforce cry of the brave and what will you hear? NOT FEILDS OF DESPAIR.

Lol limewire freaks | Reviewer: Steve | 1/13/09

Anyone that thinks this song is called Fields of Despair must have downloaded it from Limewire, I noticed this on my friends i pod. Anyway, Dragonforce have always been my fav band and always well me, forever.

Love all Songs - Dragaonforce, Don't Change | Reviewer: Lynn | 9/4/08

Keep it up Dragonforce!! I know lots think they are cheesy but the style is refreshing and unique and works for them. Nice change from someone just standing on stage growling like something demon posessed....hee hee. But to each his own.

And ladies, let us admit, ZP is quite beautiful......sigh!! I was introduced thru my teenage son and couldn't stop staring at the picture. "mom, what do you think?"...."Well, umm, way to go God." : )

Amazing. | Reviewer: DragonforceFan | 8/10/08

(Sorry bad english) I wanna get world biggest speakers and play this so loud until my ears blows off. This song is amazing. It wanna make me listen louder louder and louder.
Too bad my speakers are old shit. But no problem ill blow them up with this
absolutely fantastic song. This makes me crazy. I wanna listen this and run as fast as i can so far as i can until i cant breath for a long time. Slow parts are very good for Dragonforce songs i like them but some how slow part is not for this song. Thank god its only few second slow. By the way
new album Ultra Beatdown is incredible. But you cant beat this song.
When i buyed my first Dragonforce album DF was not popular.
I had hard work to tell everyone this band. Almost noone didnt know this.
Now Df is in Guitar Hero3 and they are now really popular. Im so happy!
I cant drive a car with this song because i drive too fast ;]
Dragonforce is so amazing i love you Dragonforce!

<3 DRAGONFORCE | Reviewer: rachel | 10/5/07

i LOVE this song. It makes me so happy. lol
Dragon force is amazing. The guitars are...well...AMAZING.
They DEFENANTLY have to be on guitar hero 3! :O

Love the Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/07

Cry of the Brave is so awesome..

Please Note-
Several of you have stated that This is Fields of Despair. Cry of The Brave and Fields of Despair are two totally different songs. Cry of the brave is the bonus track for the same album Fields of Despair is on.

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