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Dragonforce Cry For Eternity Lyrics

Last updated: 05/27/2012 11:00:00 AM

Falling from the sky now, the sign of the burning sun
Into the face of the evil one
Nowhere to hide now we're on the run right before your eyes

We're watching, we're waiting, our souls are forsaken
The sign of the warriors, the evil will rise

Through the fire and the flames, breaking the chains
Into the night we go
Torment and pain trample the slain
Soldiers of death we know

Our steel will shine forever through the night and blinding rain!
We'll see them face their fears; it's time to rise again in everlasting pain

Fly free for what we believe
One thousands hearts bleeding the eternal dream
Feel me the touch we all need
So silently now we will kneel
Cry for eternity

See now the fallen will live again
They feel the pain burn inside of them
Remember now what you feel again deep down inside
Still cursing still crawling we're endlessly falling
The downfall of mankind the fate of us all

Hold your hands to the sky bleed and you cry
Screaming until we know
Dying in pain again and again
Onwards to hell below

Stand strong we'll live together raging through the barren lands
Our eyes have seen the sorrow far across the sands
The power in our hands


[Instrumental Bridge]

[Solos: Sam/Sam/Sam/Herman/Herman]

Fly far away to the end of our days
The voices of long distant cries
Now we remain in this labyrinth of pain
And so we ride into the night



Cry for eternity

[Solos: Sam/Herman]

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Marvelous? Certainly! | Reviewer: Jesus | 5/27/12

I first heard "The String Tribute Players" version of Cry for Eternity and I thought it was wonderful. Then... I heard the original artist's version and I fell in love with it. The lyrics of Cry for Eternity really tell a story!
Even the rhythm and melodies are spot-on. It's not often that one comes across a "screamer" sort of song that sounds as good as this!

Perfect | Reviewer: INK | 1/2/12

DragonForce is a great band, and all of their songs just have this thing with their lyrics that gets under your skin a little. It's awesome! I'd have to say this is my favorite song of them all, though. Something about it just... "Speaks," if you will...

Good | Reviewer: Alexander | 6/18/08

this song is good. Dragonforce have got it BUT! they sound nothing like this live i was so dissipointed to hear them live...but i still love them you know ^^ everyone should like them if you have any comments email me or add me on Msn Messager

ass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/08

For some time, i listened to their music online, which strictly limited the amount of songs i had. Then i bought Sonic Firestorm and Inhuman Rampage, and discovered many of their songs (including the one) that i wouldn't have otherwise

So glad I bought the album | Reviewer: Tillow | 3/30/08

For some time, i listened to their music online, which strictly limited the amount of songs i had. Then i bought Sonic Firestorm and Inhuman Rampage, and discovered many of their songs (including the one) that i wouldn't have otherwise

Sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/08

This song is Sam's greatest triumph in Dragonforce. It has his best lyrics to date, and of course his solo is awesome, the way it starts out clean and then goes all-out distortion. Herman has an even better solo here actually, but it wouldn't have the same impact without the instrumental and Sam's solos. Infinite stars out of ten. (can't wait for any new stuff)

Yes, they rule | Reviewer: Fly Free for what we believe | 1/14/08

I love how the titles of other songs appear as lyrics in different songs, like "through the fire and flames" in this song and The Flame of Youth and "Storming through the Burning fields" in Operation Ground and Pound.

cry for eternity (dragonforce) | Reviewer: bloodwraith | 12/10/07

dragonforce is the most amazing band ever. its impossible to choose a favorite song cuz theyre all amazing! sadly my friend hates dragonforce cuz i love them so much. sucks for him...

wow... | Reviewer: easy | 12/4/07

dragonforce is the most amazing band ! they bring back the true rock unplayable guitar riffs and 8 minute songs, combined with incredible voices and amazing lyrics. you cant NOT love them!!

Freakin Amazing | Reviewer: Caviezel | 10/31/07

Dude..ive been listening to D Force for about 7 months and they never get old! Through the Fire and The Flames will always be my favorite, but this song kicks Ass!!!! and spread the word: THE FORCE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

Intense | Reviewer: Snapz | 8/26/07

I Just got into Dragon Force like a week ago and i con't stop listing to them there so fast beat and the lyrics are always so cool and the guitare work is AMAZING every time they bust a Twin solo i have to blast the stero man i get into shit for it being loud but old popel dont no good shit when the hear it yo lol

I would give them my first born | Reviewer: Aaron | 8/11/07

I'm really amazed at how well sam can write lyrics. If you would look at him, well at least I didn't think he was the kind of guy who could write lyrics like this. And ZP just has a voice that sounds like it was MEANT to sing these songs. Dragonforce is and will always be my favorite band. And the solos are crazy, it sounds like a banjo it's so fast! It definently gets the adrenalin pumping. THE FORCE FOREVER!

Wow. | Reviewer: FrameSticker | 7/23/07

Glorious lyrics, hastened twin guitar melodies, correct and fast drumming - the best there is. Still, I do prefer Prepare for War over this - but if you'd ask me, this is my 2nd best song for DragonForce.

Other kewl Dragonforce song | Reviewer: phoenix | 6/24/07

But you can't forget about Fury of the Storm, which is about as good as Cry for Eternity

cry for eternity | Reviewer: acro | 6/21/07

------ About the song Cry For Eternity performed by Dragonforce

This is pretty much my favorite song by Dragonforce because of the amazing guitar solo. I have never heard anybody else ever play this fast and this well.