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Crown The Empire Biography

Last updated: 07/16/2012 12:00:00 PM

Hello everyone! So it’s been a while since we’ve really had a big update and we wanted to let you all know why. We’ve recently secured new management, and not gonna lie, we’re fucking ecstatic about what it means for you guys. We’re going to be taking off in a BIG way this fall, and we plan on seeing everyone of your beautiful faces on tour this year!

Right now we’re hard at work writing Songs for our debut 2011 release, and we’re recording them with Producer Geoff Rockwell. So far we have 5 done, and we’re going back in this month to finish 3 more. Be on the lookout every other tuesday at for updates on how the songs are coming, and what you can expect next.

So between writing and planning our touring schedule for the latter half of this year, we’re pretty busy. But we wanted to let you know that we’re in the process of making a big lineup change. Nothing was formally announced but a few months ago we kicked out our drummer Alex and started a nation wide search to find a replacement. We’re down to two candidates, and one of them is moving down this summer to join the band, and get us back on a regular playing schedule! We’re also adding a bass player this summer that we’ve already found, and we think you guys will really like him! Follow him on twitter, and be on the lookout for news about which drummer made the cut our our tumblr. BASS PLAYER TWITTER: @B_shroyerCTE

So please continue to talk to us through Facebook and Twitter, and be very VERY excited for the new music we’re going to be releasing!!!