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FORMED: July 1985
DISBANDED: June 1996

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After the break up of Split Enz in 1984, one of its major
songwriters, Neil Finn (b. 27 May 1958, Te Awamutu, New
Zealand; guitar), along with Split Enz drummer Paul Hester
plus Craig Hooper (guitar) and Nick Seymour (bass) formed
Crowded House in 1986, after originally calling themselves
the Mullanes.

Signed to Capitol Records, the group resided in Los Angeles
(where they More...

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Review about Crowded House songs
like the ex | Reviewer: Tony
    ------ About the song Better Be Home Soon performed by Crowded House

I read the words, it reminds me of my ex wife. all the times i tried to get her back online to how she used to be (better be home soon. but alas, she just kept quiet or argued one or the other. So in the end, I left. Sometimes we need to pay heed to the warnings. as the saying goes, you never know what you have got until its gone. She found out the hard way. so Thanks, it makes me feel like there are others who went thru what I had to go thru and therefore not alone.
Cracking tune, cracking lyrics. But what do you expect when its a crowded house song.

Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House | Reviewer: Jack
    ------ About the song Don't Dream It's Over performed by Crowded House

I'm not a Crowded House Fan but I always liked this song because it has a kind of cool old school feel to it. The problem was I had absolutely no clue who the artist was. It's kind of spooky how wrong I could get the lyrics when I plugged them in to your search engine and then B O O M ! ! ! it found the song on my first search ! Now that's kind of spooky. It's like the search engine could read my mind across time and space. I think that is pretty remarkable. This is not the first time that's happened. It also happened when I went looking for a song called Ma Belle Amie by an old school Dutch pop group called The Tee Set. I think this is a very good search engine. It's hard to imagine just how good it is until you try it. I have found songs I never thought I would hear again and it's a good thing.

Losing time. | Reviewer: Viké
    ------ About the song Don't Dream It's Over performed by Crowded House

This song came to mind after a time of worry and fear. This might sound generic and corny but it explains my situation these past few years. it didn't give me hope it made me realise that only i can change all thats wrong in my life and world. You have to be at breaking point to understand this song. Whether you like it or not is your business.

A Really Ridiculous Tune | Reviewer: Sebastian
    ------ About the song Don't Dream It's Over performed by Crowded House

That used to be my favorite, but I like it very little. I'm not really interested. I'm trying to take this ridiculous song out of my brain so I can't remember the lyrics. I hardly ever listen to this song. I've heard it a million times.

Drug Addiction? | Reviewer: Le Claw
    ------ About the song Instinct performed by Crowded House

These lyrics appear to me to be drug related. The burden is lifted from his back after he gets his fix. Nearly time to flip the switch (get high), hanging by a single stich (skin crawling), laughing at the stoney face of gloom (chuckling off the fact that he's an addict), etc. Seems logical. Great tune.

Dont Dream its Over | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Don't Dream It's Over performed by Crowded House

This classic came out when I was in High School School was never a good time in my life and this song gave me hope. The lyrics say it best DONT DREAM ITS OVER and They know they wont win and I NEVER let them win either still dont as a adult in my early 40's. The song still is an insperation

Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over... | Reviewer: Anon1
    ------ About the song Don't Dream It's Over performed by Crowded House

Song is from Crowded House, an 80's band. The Song is from Crowded House, an 80's band. The song is called Don't Dream It's Over. Personally I have to say when I heard it recently I was like "who the hell is that!?" I immediately Went on the internet and hunted them down! I know I have a good ear for good music and if I thought this was worth hunting down then it must be good.

change one word | Reviewer: Adelle Comfort
    ------ About the song Into Temptation performed by Crowded House

at the end of the song, it should say (I believe) "No way to break this spell" as opposed to "No way to break the spell"

The Best Crowded House Song Ever | Reviewer: Lady Ziggy Mercury Stardust
    ------ About the song Distant Sun performed by Crowded House

This song is the deepest and best Crowded House song ever written...

"I don't pretend to know what you want, but I offer love..."

Who hasn't felt like that at least once in their lives?

Weather with you | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Weather With You performed by Crowded House

every where you go always take the weather with you... what a fabulous ballad, I sing it to my wife before we make sweet passionate love. Crowded house is one of god's most marvellous creations. I met the artists and they told me the real message of this song. They said the song is eally about Neily Brutally Abused his younger sibling with an apple. If you look carefully enough you can actually see the apple in the weather with you video clip. I met his younger brother also who now suffers from the diseases crabs and herpes. He cannot go anywhere near apples and is afriad of sunlight. much love to you! sexytime later! HI-5!

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