Crossfade Lyrics

Intensity. Integrity. Independence. These three words
encapsulate the style and stance of Crossfade--one of the
most powerful and inventive new hard rock bands to emerge
thus far in the new century.

Intensity defines the driving, bottom-heavy sound and
stirring melodies of this Columbia, South Carolina,
four-piece. On the group's debut album, Crossfade originals
like "Starless," "Cold," and "So Far Away" combine
indelible melodic hooks with the relentless power of the
band's live sound; their carefully crafted arrangements
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Review about Crossfade songs
Problems, mistake to be fixed | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold performed by Crossfade

I can't say she's my girlfriend but we like each other and you could say we're together but her parents aren't cool with it yet and I respect that. We have this problem that I told my girl bestfriend I love her and she got hurt very much when she found out... now, she doesn't wanna talk to me for three days... I just can't stand three days so I started becoming cold when her friends tell me something she wants to ask... currently second day... this song made me realize being cold won't solve it so I won't make the same mistake in being cold... I love her so much

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold performed by Crossfade

I remember when my bf at the time was so selfish. He didn't realize what he had right in front of him, so he went on to be a flirt and mess with other girls (keeping me as his "main" girl). No matter how many times I told him I loved him, no matter how many times I did anything he asked, he still didn't get it.Then that time we spent a few hours on the porch crying our eyes out because something was going to soon seperate us and it wasn't going to be by our choice, he never understood that my love for him would NEVER die. It seperated us and then he found his way back to me. Things were fine for a while, then back to his normal self. I finally had to let him go even though he wanted me back. I couldn't take the lies, the flirting with other girls and not to mention the few times he cheated on me. Now that it's been about 7 years since then, I realize that I should have let that all go and just took him back, because my heart aches so much everyday. I will always love you my boo.

I never wanted to be so cold | Reviewer: a broken angel
    ------ About the song Cold performed by Crossfade

this song reminds me of my ex, of the times we had shared together not the bad memories but the good memories. I'm so sorry that things had to end this way. I still don't get how we ended up like this in the first place. How happy we were before but now everything is so messy. Everything is so painful. I wish i could go back to you even though i want it so badly i know i can never go back to you. Cause if i do it'll keep hurting both of us. you think that i've moved on in my life but the truth is i haven't. Now i doubt if i can ever move on. I never really meant to be so cold to you. But if u could see inside of me, you would see how empty i am now without you, without love. I doubt if i can ever love again. Cause loving someone hurts more than ever. I just wish you knew how much i miss you everyday, how much i crave for the taste of ur lips. That's why i bleed for you everyday

Wishing he was still around | Reviewer: BS
    ------ About the song Cold performed by Crossfade

I was seeing this guy that I really liked and it was really good when we first started talking. We didnt really talk too long. I would say a little over two months. I felt him drifting a little further each day after the first month. I tried to hold my feelings back cuz I felt a bad turnout comming on. I knew he was still hooked on his ex. I tried tho cuz I really liked him and you have to try sometimes or you will never find someone to be in your life. I would have stayed with him forever if it was my choice. He eventually stopped texting me and of course I aint the type to text is I dont feel wanted. I just left it alone and took the loss. Then bout 2 weeks of not talking or seeing eachother he sang the first part of this song and sent it to my phone. I guess that was my goodbye finally. Was left hanging but deep down I knew the outcome. I was just hoping things would change up for the better. All I can say is at least I tried. Mabey someday I will find someone who feels the same way as I do bout them. I hope.Im 31 tho. Wondering when this day will ever come. I hope soon but I know not to look for it as a friend once told me. Just had to get some things off my chest. Lol..Havent really talked about this to anyone and its been over a month since it all took place.Thanx for listening :)

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold performed by Crossfade

This songs is so...great,just like everyone here,it makes you think of all your loves,everyone you loved and didn't get chance to say it,or having someone love you and you push them away...I guess love isn't a thing to be trifled about.

Go figure. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold performed by Crossfade

There are times in my current life that I hear this song and hear your voice echoed in them. I wonder if you have shared this song with people because you feel that you have failed me, as you have. There are times, still now, that you express to me how sorry you were for being a shitty boyfriend and we agree, with no hard feelings, that I was (and am) too good for you. Yet, I still love you and I am left in moments such as this one writing letters to my best friend who pretends he is unaware so he does not have to face the truth. You will never see this, as you will never see a majority of the things I wrote for you. Just as I will in all likelihood never be able to claim the love you dangle before me out of shame and fear. I wait for the day we are able to truly compromise and perhaps understand how it is we ended up here... seeing as the way you look at me has not changed in three years. There, too, is a part of me who hopes to never understand. As I might actually lose you then. And although this may be the resolution, it would pain me to lose such a worthy companion. With all love, as ever, a.

what I think | Reviewer: henry
    ------ About the song Dead Skin performed by Crossfade

To me this song is about losing someone you love, probably a boyfriend or girlfriend, and what the person is doing to try and get over it. The "dead skin" is most likely the life they had with that person and all they want to do is forget them and try to move on, but they just can't escape the feelings and love for that person.
I also looked up demerol and Phenobarbital, both drugs that can do some major damege on the body when taken with alcohol or just taking too much.
The demoral I take it was used to try and heal the pain the person has in their heart which, it won't do and the Phenobarbital causes the body functions to slow down and if taken enough, may lead to a unconciousness and even a coma.
I can relate to this song very much, I know what its like to lose someone you love so much and all you wanna do is forget, but you can't. Maybe I should try those drugs lol.

a little to late | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold performed by Crossfade

Hi my name is Linda I fell in love with this guy name. Clayton.he's 16 yes.younger than me. And he's locked up now he got tried of being on the Get Nice Program! And wouldn't let me in no farther. So who knows what Desity holds.

a little to late | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold performed by Crossfade

Hi my name is Linda I fell in love with this guy name. Clayton.he's 16 yes.younger than me. And he's locked up now he got tried of being on the Get Nice Program! And wouldn't let me in no farther. So who knows what DeWitt holds

GRIEF AND DESPAIR | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Colors performed by Crossfade

I recently lost the man I have waited 40 years to find. We met when he was 46 and I 39. Instant everything. I had at one time told friends and family that "if I do not have at least a boyfriend or possibility of one when I turn 40, I will kill myself". Obviously I suffer from severe depression as well as other illnesses. Most notably an extremely abysmal residence in self-esteem and am in a class for that, however, I NEED something for the grief...I was at my best friend's house and he introduced me to my love and his friend as well so knowledgeable of my extensive grief and request to friends and family to please just let me commit suicide so not in this pain anymore...he gave name of band and song to me and a recitation that it hurts him and family and other friends and coworkers to see me in such pain, but that these colors I am wearing are not the way to go and that all of us would love to see a shade that would make me shine...needless to say, I cried upon hearing the lyrics, but in a good way I guess. I have definitely been able to make it through life day after day regardless of my outlook...when feel myself falling I then listen to David Cook's "Permanent" and I feel guilty for resenting growing old when his brother did not get the chance...sorry so long...I am now hooked on this band (do not have CD YET or anything) as well as Three Days Grace anything and everything I can find from them. The other group mentioned in a previous review is one I am not familiar with but intend to become so. Thanks.

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