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Lydia Now The One You Once Loved Is Leaving Lyrics

Last updated: 09/25/2009 11:00:00 AM

Tell me how I finally figured it out,
That now you're caught in the things
You said you'd never do.
And now its starting to show
Like her skin fell out out of her clothes,
She's got a list of moves to make.

Stay for me,
Because it was the first.
Yeah it was the...
Stay on me.

Take your time lighting the room.
When all is said and done
I bet you're covering.
Is it a wonder you're lonely,
Taking chances to feel again.
I bet you never knew,
I bet you never.

Stay for me,
Because it was the first.
Yeah it was the...
Stay on me.

Suddenly, a cloud must have cut a hole in my head,
When i was tangled all in your words.
How quick to forget,
We are,
With eyes unimpressed
You're sealing the conversations.
And are you wondering how things could be?
Just staring at the surface,
When all the walls have tendencies.
But it's not your fault when no one taught you how.

And now the one you once loved is leaving.

You're so sure that I'd be just fine here.
But you were surely just taking your own time dear.

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Love | Reviewer: Nina | 9/24/09

I really love this song. It hits me pretty hard, I guess because I've been through some experiences that this song describes pretty perfectly.

I think its about a girl who is love with this guy. Or atleast she thinks she is in love with him....he fills her head up all sorts of bullshit, and she believes it. She falls for him. And she sleeps with him, only because she believes he loves her.

Then once he has gotten what he wants, he leaves....and she asks him to stay. She realizes he never meant anything he said to her, she realizes she had been used. And she realizes that she really didnt love him.

Its kind of a sad song...but it happens. I also love the haunting vibes I get from the vocals and the music and, its just a really powerful song. But so are all there songs.