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When I was nine years old, I innocently begged my parents
for a guitar. As I grew older and realized that I loved to
write music and sing, my dream quickly became apparent. I
took every record I could find around my house, from Marvin
Gaye to Bob Marley, and began to cover the sounds, adding
many of the Caribbean beats I heard so often while I was in
the Bahamas with my family. By chance, a family friend
introduced me to Pharrell Williams, who gave me my first
career advice. I took it to heart and with the help of
family, friends and now my great fans, I’ve begun touring
the More...

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Chorus | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song Colors performed by Cris Cab

The chorus is wrong... Instead of "through," it should be "true."

Yesterday's come and gone
Your actions always follow you
Don't matter what you've done
To see your colors shining *true*

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