Cris Cab Albums

  • Where I Belong Album (4/4/2014)
    The Sun Is Gonna Rise Again
    Liar Liar
    Long Weekend
    Loves Me Not
    Paradise (On Earth)
    Where I Belong
    The Truth
    All I Need Is You
    Bonus Tracks
    Good Girls
    Let's Get Togeter

  • Rise Album (10/9/2012)
    Paradise (On Earth)
    She's So Fly
    Face To Face
    Good Girls (Don't Grow On Trees)
    White Lingerie

  • Echo Boom Album (1/31/2012)
    Echo Boom
    Put In Work
    Face to Face
    Rihanna's Gun
    Turn You On
    Cross Your Fingers
    Angels and Demons
    What Can't We Do (Here We Go Again)
    Going Home
    Gypsys On the Boulevard
    One Thing
    In My Dreams

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