Crimson Moonlight Albums

  • Veil Of Remembrance Album (11/3/2004)
    Intimations Of Everlasting Constancy
    Painful Mind Contradiction
    Embraced By The Beauty Of Cold
    The Echoes Of Thought
    My Grief, My Remembrance
    The Cold Grip Of Terror
    Illusions Was True Beauty
    Contemplations Along The Way
    Reflections Upon The Distress And Agony Of Faith

  • The Covenant Progress Album (8/1/2003)
    Mist Of The Spiritual Dimension
    The Pilgrimage
    Path Of Pain
    Thy Wilderness
    Eternal Emperor (Revised Version)
    A Painting In Dark
    Eyes Of Beauty
    A Thorn In My Heart
    The Covenant

  • Songs From The Archives Album (5/1/2003)
    Where Darkness Cannot Reach
    Symphony Of Moonlight
    Eternal Emperor
    The Final Battle
    Glorification Of The Master Of Light
    From Death To Life
    Alone In Silence
    Skymningsljus (Light Of Twilight)
    Ljuset (The Light)
    Eternal Emperor
    Fullmånen Skola Vändas Uti Blod (Full Moon Will Turn Into Blood)
    Blood Covered My Needs
    Touch Of Emptiness
    Your Face
    ...And Thus Rejoice
    A Thorn In My Heart
    Mist Of The Spiritual Dimension
    A Painting In Dark

  • Eternal Emperor Album (3/15/1998)
    Where Darkness Cannot Reach
    Symphony of Moonlight
    Eternal Emperor
    The Final Battle

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    Reviews about Crimson Moonlight albums

    Do not judge this by the cover...they really are a Christian band. | Reviewer: singwhatyoucan'tsay
        ------ About the album Songs From The Archives performed by Crimson Moonlight

    The best way I can think to describe Crimson Moonlight is...take Demon Hunter's music and vocals, combine them with keyboard work that sounds like Nightwish, and toss in lyrics that sound like MercyMe. That's the best combination I can think of.

    I got this album not quite knowing what to expect.

    I put this on and "Preludium" starts, and it's just an instrumental piece. Then "Where Darkness Cannot Reach" begins...and so does the journey this album will take you on, if you keep an open mind. "Symphony of Moonlight" is next. Another piano piece, one that I quickly downloaded to my mp3 player, before it got too scratched up from constant playing. Next is "Eternal Emperor," a heavy, fast song with beautiful keyboard work. Then it's on to "The Final Battle" a rocking song based on a passage in the book of Revelations. The next eight songs are live, and a little miss-mixed, but it's still good music. "Glorification of the Master of Light" is yet another instrumental, and a good one. "From Death to Life" is a bit hard to understand (it sounds like the microphones used to record this part of the album were by the keyboards) but it is a good song anyway. "Alone in Silence" is a bit like the previous song, but I like the keyboard work a little better. "Skymningsljus(Light of Twilight)" is an acoustic guitar piece, and it's actually funny. Remember how I mentioned it sounds like the microphones were back by the keyboards? You can hear them talking and moving things around during this. "Ljusset(The Light)" is one of the songs on here that I don't really like, I'm not sure why. "Eternal Emperor(Live)" is faster than the other version, I usually skip this song. "Postludium" is another instrumental, the only track from this section where none of it sounds distant. "Fullmånen Skola Vändas Uti Blod (Full Moon Will Turn Into Blood)" is another song that I skip. It's so short (38 seconds) that it doesn't make any impression on me. The rest of the songs are not live. "Blood Covered My Needs" has a good drum part, once I got used to this song, I really liked it. Here's where the album takes a turn. "Touch of Emptiness" is a piano piece with spoken vocals. It's pretty, but I can't understand a word of it. "Your Face" is the longest piece on here and interesting because of the appearance of clean vocals and acoustic guitar. "...And Thus Rejoice" is like "Your Face," but better. With more clean vocals (two singers to be exact) singing lyrics you can understand and the rest of Crimson's great. "A Thorn in My Heart" on this album is not the version on their Covenant Progress album. So if you're expecting the other version, be's different. "Midst of the Spiritual Dimension" is not my favorite song on here, but at times the lyrics give my chills, and I mean that in a good way. "A Painting in Dark"...I think I would like this song more if the middle section wasn't so muddled, but it's not a bad song.

    Hearing heavy Christian metal with lyrics I didn't need a booklet to understand is a nice thing. I would recommend this to anyone who is a Christian and a fan of metal. If you're a fan of Demon Hunter or Living Sacrifice, you'd probably like this. If you want metal that is obviously Christian, where you don't have to interpret the lyrics to get meaning out of them, I would strongly suggest that you buy this.

    Have a nice day, and may God bless you.

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