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Yea I turned 21 in prison locked up at night
Now I walk around free seems like another life
Another roll with some other dice
Another ho or a loving wife
People come and go some really you never know
Intellectual midgets that really never grow
Fake love that holds on like"can I hold you though?"
And old friends will look at you like "yo, yea I told you so"
A toast to the broken hearted
Who never finished what they fuckin started
People who go out and try to be a rebel at night
Try to make up for the fact that they settled in life
It's like a fight between the devil & Christ over the limelight
Spiritual celebrity poker
But the whole deck is full of jokers
And every year that you get older
The stakes get higher
Gambling with a bunch of fakes and liars
Real talk 'cause the real New York
Is the pain and the suffering of lost love
Staring off into the distance in the midst of the club
Depression and emptiness that lead to suicide
And the struggle inside of yourself that keeps you alive
Survived and medicated stalked by sobriety
The life that you live now tortured by memories violently
I pray inside of me that one day you could be forgiven
For murdering the beautiful world we used to live in

Crimes of the heart [2X]

Love...doesn't need a complicated metaphor
And sometimes nothing needs to be said at all
Sometimes a person you with is not your one and only
And you just fuck with them because you afraid to be lonely
And when you come back its too late
So you overcompensate
Like victims of rape
Full of self hate
Lost in the affection to strangers around you
Instead of the only person that ever gave a fuck about you
Thought you were happy so you didn't come check me
But then when he cheated or treated you incorrectly
You conveniently realized you could never forget me
And tried to crawl back in my life unexpectedly
These are my indictments
Of those who claim to be righteous
And leave a trail of broken hearts on their way to enlightment
But I cant give into hatred or pass judgment
Even towards every illusion I've been in love with
'cause the heart that betrays itself willingly
Is like a nation that trades freedom for stability
Its so seductive to be cold and corrupted and isolated and try to be an independent republic
But liberty to be loved on the surface is worthless
The sacrifice of revolution with no purpose
Take it from a criminal searching for his redemption
Cursing at God desperately trying to get his attention

Crimes of the heart [2x]
Looking for the shining light
Who's it gonna be? Who'll walk the line with me tonight?
Round we go (won't cross?) climbing through the endless night
Who's it gonna be? Who'll walk the line with me this time? (me this time oooh oooh oooh)
Climbing through the endless night (endless night, endless night)

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Sickest mcee eva | Reviewer: Lani | 2/14/10

No doubt immortal is da sickest lyricist eva,he pts hiz ryms n a prety fckin kul lyn aint lyin.eva since i hed revolutionary vol.1.i said fck dis otha fckin wack artist wuz replacin n blindin lyricism wit dey swag n mney,fck'em all.hw da fck m i supose 2 bump a trak tlkin bout whips wen i cum 4rm a 3rd world country d@ aint evn gt mo dun 20 fckin hummers huh?luv doesnt nid a complicatd metaphor n smtyms nthn nid 2b said @al,smtyms da persn u wit z nt ya 1 n u jst fck wit'em cuz u afraid o bin lnely.3rd world la revolusion.

Crimes of the Heart | Reviewer: NM | 12/10/09

this is an amazing song. I agree that Immortal means we have to accept love and possible heartbreak. you have to accept 2 be free. hes criticizing those who, "claim to be righteous And leave a trail of broken hearts on their way to enlightment". hes not saying to avoid being heart broken, but to not be the heartbreaker. he talks about how he understands the appeal of being cold and distancing urself from ppl that love you because you've been hurt or love isnt easy, but you become the heartbreaker if you give in to that. and you're taking the easy way out. hes sayin fuck those people. tho allow themselves to be weak minded.

thats what i got from it anyway.

3rd world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/09

A great song on a great album done by a great artist. I don't think Immortal was saying that a revolutionary should avoid broken hearts, but to embrace them.
"But I cant give into hatred or pass judgment. Even towards every illusion I've been in love with. 'Cause the heart that betrays itself willingly is like a nation that trades freedom for stability"
To resent your heartbreak or ex is to achieve seemingly "emotional stability". This resentment only serves to cover up the heartbreak and your real feelings. To be truly "free" you must be accept love and the heartbreak that may come with it.
Not saying you are wrong, its music. It's all a matter of interpertation.

The other "You Never Know" | Reviewer: M3KY G.REP MKE | 9/13/08

This track is sick, many people can relate to it. We have all had our hearts broken at least once in our lifetime, this song just puts it into words no one else could. Revolutionaries need to avoid this broken heart that's why the line "And leave a trail of broken hearts on they way to enlightment" is important to know. THE 3RD WORLD! GO COP THAT SHIT!

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