Creedence Clearwater Revival Lyrics

The late 60's and early 70's saw the rise of complex
progressive rock, proto heavy metal and gum pop. Creedence
Clearwater Revival was out of these mainstreams. They cut a
series of classic three-minute songs featuring
singer-songwriter John Fogerty's growling vocals. Their
music was economical, straightforward rock and roll. They
were the most successful and exhilarating band in the
United States during that era.

After adapting the new name Creedence Clearwater Revival,
the Fogerty brothers, Cook, and Clifford spent weeks More...

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Review about Creedence Clearwater Revival songs
What's a Bad Moon Rising? (Creedence Clearwater) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bad Moon Rising performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This is a good example of how old songs were not a lot of made-up trivialities and mindlessly over-sentimal or over-dramatic meaningless rubbish.(And why people should start going to school if they want to be rock superstars.)

Of the same meme (I think that's what they call it these days-we just said "idea") a mid-1950s song Dark Moon-I remember the Kay Sisters version-opened with the
Dark moon, away up high
Up in the sky
Tell me why oh tell me why
You've lost your glory

Creedence's first verse (above) is:

I see the bad moon arising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad times today

They are both talking about the same thing so the big Q is what is it?

If people didn't live in skyscrapered cities and could see the sky (joke couldn't see the sky for skyscrapers) they would probably get this. It's the last quarter of the moon before the moon fades to go completely dark and you cannot see it. Called the new moon. The dark moon or bad moon progresses from the last quarter to the new moon. Easter that there are always arguments about is also based on this, the dark moon syndrome. The light of the moon-the dark of the moon. See the movie Transformers Dark of the Moon also.

What happens is that leprechauns hide in shady nooks in the light of the moon if you see what's going on here.

And rebellions, subversive things and bad scenes go on in the dark of the moon which starts ticking over at the last quarter. Human environment bad.

Might as well complete the picture. The full moon is the spiritual environment bad

After you read this go back and read Bad Moon Rising...

See what a brilliant thing this Creedence number is?

Colm Connolly

the real meaning of the lyrics | Reviewer: WMW
    ------ About the song Effigy performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

This is a Viet Nam war protest song as the lyric "Silent majority Weren't keepin' quiet Anymore" is a direct reference to the bullshit President Nixon was spouting about there was a so called "silent majority" in the USA that actually support the war, as opposed to the growing number of protestors outside of the White House (the Palace Walls) that were burning Nixon in effigy practically everyday...

$,$,$ | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Fortunate Son performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

I tried to read the posts previously but it all quickly degenerates into argument. Some folks are made to wave a flag, any flag, or inherit star spangled eyes especially.
When we finally move to a resource based economy (look it up; it's the "spirit of the age" we live in) we won't need police or military.
The only defense anyone will spend precious resources on is planetary defense.
If we don't pull out of this nosedive we will paying $10/ gal for potable water and making war as an extiction level rock comes from behind the sun. ..

a true tune | Reviewer: shelleewewack
    ------ About the song Fortunate Son performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

A protest song that is as true today as it was then. Except now America is finally teetering from the leadership of the shadow government whose power has grown since the murder of JFK.

War | Reviewer: Views
    ------ About the song Fortunate Son performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

America's involvement in Vietnam. 58,000 young american men died because of the so called domino effect. Hi Chi would have never givin up so it was a stupid war but I salut any vets. My uncle was at Hue city during the tet offensive. So everyone please shut the fuck up :)

    ------ About the song Lookin' Out My Back Door performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Flying Spoon is in reference to cooking up some heroin on a spoon, after that all the other visions should make a whole lotta since. The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago...naahh, just a recreational heroin user makn the most of a boring cold Illinois winter, I presume.

LOL | Reviewer: Liberator
    ------ About the song Fortunate Son performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

For the ignorats that belive in war games, the only propose of USA is keep a development bassed in the war... Your "trust" system are falling down, and tne only way to keep it is make new wars... Please, change your "Constitution" and the laws that protect the gun´s free sale... That´s the only way to evitate school crimes and bombs in marathons... Idiots... More sanity and less guns.

Not about politics | Reviewer: Linda
    ------ About the song Effigy performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

I've read the reviews on this forum but none of them mentioned what I always thought the song was about -- racial equality . The effigy mentioned in the lyrics, to me, calls to mind burning crosses. I wonder if the social commentary contained in the song was about the violent struggle for equal rights for all brothers of all colors ...and that anything less than a peaceful revelution to accomplish it would result in mass destruction and a lot of collateral damage

Who is Ronnie the popular? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song It Came Out Of The Sky performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

It's Ronald Reagan, then the governor of California. He was always saying things were communist plots, particularly anything to do with students at Cal or at San Francisco State.

My Interpretation | Reviewer: Chris
    ------ About the song Effigy performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival

I can understand why this song has so many different varied interpretations, although I feel that many of these explanations seem to ignore the last verse.

I don't think this song is about one particular political event and I wouldn't categorize it as a protest song.

In my opinion this is a social commentary on violent revolution, warning of the dangers of that course of action.

The last verse warns of how when violence is used to overthrow a regime, that same violence often subsequently spills over and gets used against the population. This can take the form of brutal oppression by the new regime or the state of chaos that can result in the aftermath of the violent overthrow of the state.

These lyrics could easily apply to many different violent revolution that have happened throughout the course of history. The French Revolution, for example, or for a more recent example consider Libya and possibly Syria in the future (if that government falls).

The line in the first verse about how "The humble subjects watched in mixed emotion" is also important. In my opinion it refers to people's understandable reluctance to participate in a violent revolution, even if they are not fond of the current leader, because they are aware that this will cause bloodshed and instability and may ultimately result in a more oppressive regime taking control.

Whatever the meaning of the lyrics it's a great song and one of my favourites from CCR.

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