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Eminem Crazy In Love Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 08:39:59 AM

[Ann Wilson's voice]
I Tell myself that I'm doing alright
Nothing else to do tonight but
To go Crazy, Crazy On You
Lemme go Crazy, Crazy on you

[Verse 1]
Can't you see what you do to me baby?
You make me crazy, you make me act like a maniac.
I'm like a lunatic, you make me sick
You truly are the only one who can do this to me
You just make me get so crazy.
I go skitzo, I get so insane I just go skitzophrenic
One minute I want to slit your throat
The next I want to sex.
You make me crazy,
the way we act like 2 maniacs in the sac
We fuck like 2 jackrabbits
And maybe that's a bad habit.
Cuz the next day we're right back at it
In the same exact pattern
What the fuck is the matter with us
We can't figure out if it's
Lust or it's love
What's sad is what's attracting us to each other
They say that every man grows up to marry his own mother.
Which would explain why you're such a motherfucking bitch
But I stay and still stick it out with you even though I just hit you today
But you deserve it you hit me first and provoked me to choke you
Just cuz I came home late last night crawled in bed and I woke you.
But if there's one thing about you I admire its, baby,
Because you stay with me, maybe, because you're as crazy as I am
Cuz when I look at you I can see an angel in your eyes
But if I look deeper inside I see your freakish little side.
Like a devil in disguise,
You're always full of surprises
Always pullin' devises
Out your purse, little vibrators and dildos
You fucked yourself so much
You barely feel those anymore
You're only 24 but you're plenty more mature
Than those other little hoes
Who just act like little girls
Like they're in middle school still
You're crazy sexy cool, chillin
You play your position
You never step out of line
Even though I stay in your business
You've always kept out of mine.
I wonder whats on your mind
Sometimes they say love is blind
Maybe that's why the first time I dotted your eye
You ain't see a sign.

[with Chorus]
Or maybe you did Maybe you like being shoved
Maybe cuz we're crazy in loooove

Crazy on you
Crazy on you
Let me go crazy crazy on youuuuuuuuu

[Verse 2]

You are the ink to my paper
Where my pen is to my pad
The moral, the very fiber
The whole substance to my rap.
You are my reason for being
The meaning of my existence
If it wasn't for you
I would never be able to spit this
As intense I do and the irony
Is you rely on me as much
as I rely on you to inspire me like you do.
You provide me the lighter fluid
The fuel for my fire
You're my entire supply
Gas, the match, the igniter.
The only way that I am able to stay so stable
Is you're the legs to my table
If you were to break I'd fall on my face.
But I'm always going to make you feel
I don't need you as much as I really need you
So you don't use it to your advantage.
But you're essential to me
You're the air I breathe
I believe if you ever leave me
I'd probably have no reason to be.
You are the Kim to my Marshall
You're the Slim to my Shady
The Dre to my Eminem
The Elaina to my Hailey.
You are the word I am looking for when
I'm trying to describe how I feel inside
And the right one just won't come to my mind.
You're like the pillar that props me up
The beam that supports me
The bitch who never took half,
The wife who never divorced me.
You're like the root to my evil
You let my devil come out me
You let me beat the shit out you
Before you beat the shit out me.

[with Chorus]

And no matter how much
Too much is never enough
Maybe cuz we're crazy in loooove

I'm crazy on you
Crazy on you
Let me go crazy crazy on youuuuuuuuu

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Reviewer | Reviewer: Aliyu kabiru | 11/26/11

Eminem , as ma bst artist... Did this song song so 4ckn prfct, imfact its the bst ivd ever listened 2, i fuckn love his flowz.. Eminem pls 4giv me, i jst neva had d chance 2 ever meet u... He's jst cooool

crazy in love | Reviewer: Keira | 3/13/11

I think what happened is some of you were talking about what he samples, and some were talking about the title of the song. calm down no one needs to freak out. LMAO
eminem ftw. <333333
btw i love this song soo facking muchh.<3

Eminem could b ur superman! | Reviewer: Unknown | 8/23/10

Eminem flipin r0cks! 0h my crap. This s0ng is s0 kwl! Its lyk 1 0v hz best s0ngz eva! Seri0usly. Hz fl0w is a killer; the way he pr0n0unces s0me 0f the w0rdz just 2make it rhyme is evnz betta. And the lyrics. W0w. If a b0y had 2write a s0ng 4me with th0ze xact same wrds i w0uld l0ve 4eva n0 mata w0t he mite d0. U can c that th0se w0rdz c0me str8 4rm hz heart. I lurrv eminem. I l0ve l0ve l0ve hm! He makes me feel lyk the ish wen i rapped a verse with0ut makn a mistake[wich makes me feel real hardcore lol] makes me laugh with hz silly rhymes, makes me pr0ud 2me n n0t afraid 2shw it. I c0uld jis g0 0n n 0n n 0n.
xoxo xxR0CKxCHICKxx [~^] (n eminem lova) lol

Ian is a dumbass | Reviewer: Nicole Balfour | 5/15/10

kay um, to clarify "Ian H" is a complete moron lmao, like you need to get your music straight before you start judgeing artist you dumb fuck, & everyone could care less if you gothis encore album,like cmonn..grow up & shut yer mouth like old are youu, like 5 or something ?

crazy in love | Reviewer: Lynds | 12/16/07

Even though you probably won't see this you, Adz, are a dumbass cause some kid was right and it is a rock song "Crazy on You" by Heart. But Eminem's is called crazy in love but uses the chorus from crazy on you. Apparently some kid was right and you need to take his advice and do some research before you speak. "Better for people to believe you a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right." God people can be such idiots.

Crazy in Love | Reviewer: Adz | 10/9/07

Some kid, actually, it is called "Crazy in Love", not crazy on you, but otherwise, yeah, everything you say stands. Especially: "don't fucking say shit if you don't know shit about it"

You should take your own advice sometime.


crazy in love | Reviewer: some kid | 4/23/07

kayy well this is a good song, but that last kid "Ian. H" is a little fucking retarded, cuz that's not techno, it's a rock song, called Crazy On You, honestly, don't fucking say shit if you don't know shit about it

crazy in love | Reviewer: Ian. H | 11/17/04