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Hank Williams, Jr. Crazy Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 08/24/2013 06:48:38 AM

You thought she'd cared for you and so you acted smart
Go on and break your crazy heart
You lived on promises I knew would fall apart go on and break your crazy heart
You never would admit you were mistaken
You didn't even know the chances you were taken
I knew you couldn't meant I've told you from the start
Go on and break your crazy heart
[ piano - guitar ]
I knew you'll wake up and find her missin'
I tried my best to warn you but you wouldn't listen
You told me I was wrong you thought that you were smart
Go on and break your crazy heart

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Just to review Hank's words from long ago | Reviewer: Joe Roberts | 8/24/13

It was great, although I question the kine that reads ' I KNEW THAT YOU COULD'T MEANT" I don't remember Hank singing that word when he did it many years ago. Please advise me of the correct word, if I am mistaken, I am so very sorry. Hank Sr was my HERO and when he died I was stationed on the island of Okinawa and the fiddle player and I bought us a ha,f gallon of FOUR ROSES, ( that was all we could afford as we had not gotten paid yet) and I grabbed my ole guitar then off to the village to do our weeping. Still love him