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The Cramps roots can be traced back to 1976 when, according
to legend, Erick Purkhiser picked up hitchiker Kristy
Wallace in Ohio. They discovered a mutual love of old-time
rock'n'roll and classic SciFi B-movie matinee fare... The
rest, as they say, is history.

They soon decided to form a band. Akron Ohio was not the
place for a band like The Cramps to "happen" so the couple
packed on up and moved to New York City, drawn by the lure
of what they read and heard was happening at a club called
CBGBs... Erick took the stage name "Lux More...

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Review about Cramps songs
Best zombie drag racing sone EVER! | Reviewer: ZRX Doug
    ------ About the song Surfin' Dead performed by Cramps

Probably the ONLY zombie drag racing song..but it'd still be the best even if it was the most crowded genre in the history of music..
The funny thing is that most people don't seem to get the racing references..and for some reason Lux & Ivy decided to confuse the issue by referencing surfing throughout the whole dang song..
Bit this is DEFINITELY a car-tune.
Love it to death..

What can you say? | Reviewer: Glenn L.
    ------ About the song Garbageman performed by Cramps

This is one of the best songs out there, let alone by the Cramps. It plain rocks!We use to thrash before it was called a "Mosh" pit. It was just slam dancin' to us. Never saw the Cramps, but listened to em' a lot.

WRONG SONG dumbass | Reviewer: rebecca smith
    ------ About the song Surfin' Dead performed by Cramps

i would LOVE to review this song, because I am watching RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and the song that is playing was SO good, I paused the movie & decided to look it up (heard the words surfin' dead, which is by THE CRAMPS) well to make a long story SHORT when I pressed the button the song SHE SAID by the cramps - anyway - listen to THAT - its fucking AWESOME but it's not surfin' dead XD what the hell?

cramped | Reviewer: rick rodine
    ------ About the song Garbageman performed by Cramps

I saw the Cramps twice back in '80 and '81. Unbelievable shows. This song still holds up for me as one of the best rock songs ever. I like the single crunchy guitar chord that repeats over and over. RIP LUX.

Teen Wolf!? | Reviewer: Kevin Colegate
    ------ About the song I Was A Teenage Werewolf performed by Cramps

I think this song is great. If only I could play the blues like them! It doesn't sound like the same band that did Bikini Girls, but I have a live version so maybe that's why.

hot hot hot. | Reviewer: GemmatheDilemma.
    ------ About the song TV Set performed by Cramps

This song kills me, its fantastic.
The Cramps rock my lego blocks.
mm mm mm.

correction? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sunglasses After Dark performed by Cramps

I think at least one line should read "Got myself in a knife fight"

Sunglasses After Dark- The Cramps (lyrics) | Reviewer: mike w
    ------ About the song Sunglasses After Dark performed by Cramps

Here are the lyrics for "Sunglasses After Dark" by The Cramps. They are as correct as I could get them.

Sunglasses After Dark (The Cramps)

I got something to say to you, so you better listen.
I can tell you how to be cool in one easy lesson. GO!

Sunglasses after dark.
Oh, I am so sharp-- and you'll be cool.

It's real simple.
Sunglasses after dark,
Oh, I am so sharp.

Listen to this:
went out last saturday night.
Got myself in a night fight.
Everybody trying to cut threw me.
Cause some of us cats couldn't see.

See, we had our S.A.D.
That's right.

I was sneakin around on the street.
When this crazy guy walked right into me.
I could hardly pick him out, everything was so cool.
Then I'd seen what was wrong with him...
he was wearing sunglasses after dark.

Sunglasses after dark.
Oh, I am so sharp.
Sunglasses after dark.
Oh, it's so simple.

(Oh, where am I by the way?)"

Garbageman | Reviewer: george lloyd
    ------ About the song Garbageman performed by Cramps

Is it not true that the music for Garbageman Is
The song Boss by The Rumblers?

the real meaning behind this song | Reviewer: marc la Fauce
    ------ About the song Garbageman performed by Cramps

I've always loved this song....even got to party w/the cramps once on their stay sick tour...fucking mind blowing...such wonderful people.I'm pretty sure this song is about heroin cuz they actually shot a video and when lux says stickout your can,he slaps his arm and sticks it out like hes talking about shooting up was shot in a graveyard so cool...if anyone knows where i can find a copy of it please e mail me ill pay well.i have some "collectibles" from the night i hung out with them ...they are quite risque ,,,lets just say we had the same taste for opiates.anyway think about it as you read the lyrics...i cant lose w the stuff i use...cya by the way the collectibles are for sale...if yer sick enough ya might want to hear what they are ,,not just paraphanalia,dome clothes,,wine bottle lux drank on stage,,,a black t shirt worn by him after the show that says chicago on it i never washed it so dna is on it...they better clone him and IVY in the future cuz they dont make 'em like those two anymore...

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