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"I'm a fan of country music. Just like the guy who has
nothing to do with this industry ," says Craig Morgan,
"Believe that."

No convincing is necessary. When Morgan talks about country
music, he's a human exclamation point. Whether referring to
a track from his new album or praising the talents of a
fellow songwriter or artist, melody and lyrics seem to
burble up from inside and take him over. He bursts into
song, obviously reveling in the vocal hitches and twang of
an old-time country tune; lovingly crooning a tender ballad
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Review about Craig Morgan songs
My experience exactly! | Reviewer: Herb
    ------ About the song This Ain't Nothin' performed by Craig Morgan

This song tells my story. My wife suffered from pancreatic cancer which often kills within months. We were fortunate that she lived 3 years and 10 months before passing. Allow me to tell you how she passed.....I woke up about 2:00 am and felt a sense of urgency, I held my wife's hand in mine so that I could feel her pulse. Her pulse was very, very weak. I knew the end was very near. I continued to hold her hand in mine until her hand just went limp at about 2:15 am. Yes, I was holding the hand of the love of my life as her heart stopped beating. We were together for 30 years, 28 of which we were married and had 4 wonderful children. What prompted me to awaken just 5 minutes before she died? That question gives me hope that there is indeed more than this life we live. Somebody, something woke me up and "told" me to hold my wife's hand. I am so thankful for having the privelege to hold her hand at that moment. This song has a special meaning to me, obviously

i collect antigue tractors | Reviewer: Doug
    ------ About the song International Harvester performed by Craig Morgan

I colect antique international tracktors and there aint no power like red power. I have a 706, m, 2 h's, super m, supper c, f-12, 2 f-20's, and a regular. they all run and drive exept 3 we just restored our f-20 we didnt want it all shiny and stuff like that we wanted it to look like it did when it came off the asembly line. They didnt put any clear coat over the paint after they painted it. this song is my favorite song

reach out and touch someone | Reviewer: Justin
    ------ About the song Almost Home performed by Craig Morgan

this song is very touching i can listen to this song and tear up everytime cause i can put myself in craigs shoes and i would without a doubt if i saw a homeless man with bags on his shoes and socks on his hands and he was in an alley laying down, i would deffinatly help the guy. as for as close to death as he was to smell and sense his past child hood memmories, man thats so DEEP. ive had sum rough times but never have i wished death would hurry up and take me, to avoid the suffering pain. this is a truly deep song

    ------ About the song This Ain't Nothin' performed by Craig Morgan


Losses | Reviewer: Quyên
    ------ About the song This Ain't Nothin' performed by Craig Morgan

Being young Vietnam's person but i know pains and losses because of Vietnam War.
The story said that "of fifty years waste away" mean the wife took fifty years live same man tormented by war.

There Are Things That Matters, And There Are Things That Don’t | Reviewer: Randy Ehrler
    ------ About the song This Ain't Nothin' performed by Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan summed it up beautifully in this song with the line:
“There Are Things That Matters, And There Are Things That Don’t.” True words. The old man in the song has seen a lot, he has lived a full life – facing every challenge head on – he has been humbled by life and is know wise to what really matters, and what does not.

To fully emerge as the individual God created you to be, you must experience struggle, tragedy, hardship and loss. These experienecs mold and forge the heart, mind and soul. My favorite bible verse speaks to this:

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”
- James 1: 2-4

We all enter this world with nothing and will leave it the same way. Knowing that nothing can be “owned” or “possessed” – why do we spend so much time trying to do so? Our true legacy is in the relationships we forge and the impact we have – through God’s grace – on other people’s lives. Think of a moment of crisis in your life – that moment of panic when everything else fell away and every ounce of your being was focused on this single moment – that is how are lives are to be lived. Our focus should be on loving and serving God, our families and others - on the eternal, not the momentary.

Peace & God Bless!

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song This Ain't Nothin' performed by Craig Morgan

all y'all who think that its not right for him to say a woman 'with a heart of gold' 'wastes away' are wrong. the best of people can slowly lose their life to cancer too. so obviously if your looking for a song about lala land and sugarcoatedness, thats not the real world. his song, on the other hand, is. so dont just write bad reviews because your too ignorant to point out something incorrectly, or something that doesnt need correcting. write a review when you get a college education on musical skepticism.

< 3 , ( : , < 3 , ( : | Reviewer: Diamond
    ------ About the song This Ain't Nothin' performed by Craig Morgan

This probably havee too bee my best sonqq by Craig Morgan . I lovee this sonqq becausee it tells a story that happenn too peoplee every day . My qreat qrandmotherr is 81 years oldd andd havee cancerr , shee qot it last yearr andd every day i wonderr if i wouldd wakee upp andd neverr see herr againn andd this sonqq helps too heal mee andd let mee know that i'm not thee only onee qoinqw throuqhh this .

awesome slice of Americana... | Reviewer: Josh Marihugh
    ------ About the song International Harvester performed by Craig Morgan

If you had to put a label on me, I guess I'd be a city boy. My dad's family are all farmers though...north central Kansas wheat. A friend sent me this song when I bought an old International Harvester Cadet lawn tractor. It's a GREAT song...a perfect slice of Americana.

I iown one | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song International Harvester performed by Craig Morgan

I own an International Harvester Travelall and it is the best ever. For you young ones, the last one made was in 1975 and it is a truck!. It was ordered custom made and I have poured money into this money pit with no regrets. The song is my ringtone on my cell phone. I have raised 4 boys, and I am working on the rest of my family. I am a 67 year old grandmother, hunt, gut and skin my own deer, and fish, etc.
All you old ladies in your wheelchairs eat your heart out. LOL LOL just kidding.

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