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The cradle is rocking, the dead are rising, the seas will
boil and the skies will fall. As the world stands poised on
the edge of mass destruction, the freaks, fools and
monsters who rule us are about to be taught a real lesson
in the use of power, for Cradle of Filth have created the
greatest album of their career to date. 'Damnation and a
Day', has been carved out of the darkness that is about to
engulf what we know as civilisation.

The recordings, spawned from the loins of five of the most
controversial Lords More...

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Review about Cradle Of Filth songs
Interpretations, interpretations... | Reviewer: p00p
    ------ About the song Lord Abortion performed by Cradle Of Filth

Something about this song just screams jack the ripper. I mean it makes sense.

"My ambition is to slay anon
A sinner in the hands of a dirty God
Who lets Me prey, a Gilles De Rais
Of light where faith leads truth astray"

Where jack would lurk the streets for his next prostitute victim.

"I slit guts and free the moistest faeces
Corrupt the corpse and seize the choicest pieces
Her alabaster limbs that dim the lit carnal grin
Vaginal skin to later taste and masturbate within"

Referring to when Jack dissected his victims and took out their uterae. It's theorized he did it for some sexual satisfaction so that would explain the last line.

I just like looking into things, sorry guys it's probably not about the ripper.

Best | Reviewer: Raa'Na Drake
    ------ About the song Hallowed Be Thy Name performed by Cradle Of Filth

Het Maidens... Now its time for you to kneel down before this Filthy Guys.... When i heard this new version of song... It was like a hell ..and maidens failed to create this hell.... Carry on C.o.F and yeah its my top in playlist

Not Sure | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hallowed Be Thy Name performed by Cradle Of Filth

I love both COF and Iron Maiden, but I felt that this version of the song lost a lot of the emotion that Bruce put into it. It destroyed the whole "finding God in your final hour" meaning that Iron Maiden had.

Elizabeth Bathory | Reviewer: Azulos
    ------ About the song Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids performed by Cradle Of Filth

I haven't read too many comments on here, but I read at least one that was WAY off the mark for the meaning of the song. Necrophilia? No. It's about Elizabeth Bathory. For those who don't know, she was a countess in Hungary in the late 16th century. She was famous because she killed young girls and bathed in their blood in order to maintain her youth. Hence the lines: "The narcissistic unrest frozen on the mirror's face
With this disdain, inside these veins
(Highborn wanton that She was)
She sought to keep what age would claim."

The Death of Love | Reviewer: Steve V
    ------ About the song The Death Of Love performed by Cradle Of Filth

Another brilliant COF offering. The story of Joan of Arc told in the inimitable style of Dani Filth. I love the riff. This is as close as COF get to a ballad! Great film clip too. I've never seen them play this song live though. A shame, as it is a great song. Saw them live in 2013 and they ROCKED MELBOURNE!

Bathory Aria | Reviewer: Steve V
    ------ About the song Bathory Aria performed by Cradle Of Filth

What a great song! Atmospheric lyrics mixed with some evil screams, excellent arrangement. Brilliant key and time changes. This song shows that COF are more than just scary faces. AWESOME song guys!

Bathory | Reviewer: Dark blood
    ------ About the song Bathory Aria performed by Cradle Of Filth

This i just awsome and i bet none other than COF can design this hell of a lycrics by mixing all the things I am just huge fan of DANI FITH and PAUL ALLENDER a big fan just their whole team are just awesome keep it up guys be on top as you are in top for your fans keep it up DANI!!!!

all ignorant idiots | Reviewer: toxicator069
    ------ About the song Lord Abortion performed by Cradle Of Filth

stop listening to cof if you hate how dani sings... everyone have his own opinion i think its demonic, satanic, lycantrophic. so take a big knife and kill yourself, instead of spreading your useless opinion!

indescribably mind blowing | Reviewer: Albert E.
    ------ About the song From the Cradle to Enslave performed by Cradle Of Filth

I kan see how much these lyrics, in a pertaining sort of manner, fill up missing pieces in the holy scriptures...that all they describe is actual and true and figuratively accurate on human behaviour phylosophy and actual reality (so to speak), i mean , their adversaries, risen voyeours, promised fever, ancient atrocities caused by forbidden acts, its all in plain sight. But theyre wrong about the faith. It keeps growing stronger and stronger , gifting confidence, perhaps because these particular people's and or entities' nature, is deception.
Deep in thought with these revealing lyrics , i mean to imply

Cof bring more hell! N really death! | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Hallowed Be Thy Name performed by Cradle Of Filth

No doubt that IM is great! Bt when i listened hbtn for the first time it seems like i'm already in the fucken hell n more great death, IM was jst too slow!! Cof is the death one n the great one they bring more hell to me. When i'm listening cof song it seem like i myself having a concert with the CoF. Cof is a fuck damn great death.!!! I want COF TO CREAT MORE DEATH N fuck the all who against COF.

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