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George Harrison Crackerbox Palace Lyrics

Last updated: 04/08/2013 04:11:18 PM

I was so young when I was born
My eyes could not yet see
And by the time of my first dawn
Somebody holding me . . . they said

I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace
We've been expecting you
You bring such joy in Crackerbox Palace
No matter where you roam know our love is true

While growing up or trying to
Not knowing where to start
I looked around for someone who
May help reveal my heart - someone said

While you're a part of Cracerbox Palace
Do what the rest all do
Or face the fact that Crackerbox Palace
May have no other choice than to deport you

I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace
We've been expecting you
You bring us joy in Crackerbox Palace
No matter where you roam know our love is true

Sometimes are good . . . sometimes are bad
That's all a part of life
And standing in between them all
I met a Mr. Grief - and he said

I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace
Was not expecting you
Let's rap and tap at Crackerbox Palace
Know that the Lord is well and inside of you


Thanks to John Paul Harrison for submitting Crackerbox Palace Lyrics.

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George Greif was a well known manage of various acts from Barry White to New Christy Minstrels | Reviewer: Richard S | 4/7/13

He apparently met George Harrison and Harrison remarked that he looked like Lord RW Buckley, and Greif explained he called ir Crackerbox Palace, read up on Lord Buckley particular the YouTube Grocho Marx appearance and you will understand the popularity of Buckley by mant musicians. Buckley was the oracle to beat artists.

From Wikipedia | Reviewer: Me | 2/8/13

George Harrison's solo song "Crackerbox Palace" was inspired by a visit to the then-deceased Lord Buckley's house. The song mentions Buckley in the line "know well the Lord is well and inside of you", as well as Buckley's manager George Grief, whose meeting led to the visit.

Ahh Youth | Reviewer: dvod | 10/20/11

The song refers to the late great Lord Buckley's home in LA that George bought - Mr 'Grief' was the Lord's manager & also had a resemblance to him. If you don't know Lord Buckley I really don't know where you've been...

It's not that complex..... | Reviewer: Jeremy | 9/9/11

The song is simply about being born into a small, not so nice home (small homes are often referred to as "crackerboxes".) He is saying that regardless of the home being small and nothing fancy, there is love and a sense of belonging and acceptance there. As long as he loves and expects the people there, he will be loved and respected. The Mr. Grief he refers to is probably his mother passing away while he was still fairly young and in the home.

society and me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/11

i will give what meaning I got out of the song. it to me is a song about how society tries to bring you in if youre a rebelious type person because society sees you as a threat to old traditions and old beliefs. And how they directly target individuals to conform to its mess.

body and soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

I watched the video of this song and for me Harrison tries to explain , by different ways both sides of the human race. and if it's so , I'm agree with that explanation , because we all inside our bodies all the things bad and good ones and we don't know when they appear.