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Cassidy Crack Lyrics

Last updated: 05/28/2007 12:00:00 PM

CRACK!! For the money you know how we play... we flip that C-R-A-C-K
CRACK!! For the money you know how we play... we move that C-R-A-C-K
CRACK!! For the money you know how we play... we sell that C-R-A-C-K

Crack!! It got my niggaz addicted
Crack!! But got my niggaz convicted
Crack!! Why niggaz stand on the block
Its called Crack!! It got my man and 'em shot
I said Crack!! what niggaz sell for the cash
Crack!! Got the women selling they ass
Crack!! What the fiends use to get high
And the hustlers move to get by that's why the song called CRACK!!

I got the cops drawn... I put the block on
Overville redenbacher stock viles of the popcorn
Fiends got the block warm getting they cop on
My young'ns run the block till ev'ry one of the rocks gone
And I got another block I'm puttin the pot on
Strong enough to smell through the jar wit the top on
Cop and be gone... If you come to the block drawn
I'll hit you with the glock till ev'ry one of the shots gone
He thought he was a thug he was all on his pop join'
Till he got popped now he all on his rock join'
I left him all on the block wit his top gone
Law called his mom and pop they all on they shock join'
I was just tryna make some bread for my family
And ev'rybody got somebody dead in they family
and ev'rybody got some crackheads in they family
So it's no room to hate cause i kno you relate... My shit


I'ma blow like propane cause the flow flames
It'll have you hooked like the cooked version of cocaine
I spit crack homie... neva been wack homie
I'm back homie... And I hold weight like I'm fat Tony
Like a Soprano I stay with the ammo
Push keys and make music but dont play the piano
You could get blam! yo... I'm nice wit my hands doe
You'll be looking like Rocky if you play like you Rambo
I'm looking like Rocky when I hop out the lambo
Bezel on the hand whoa... rock on the hand glow
It's all for the fans doe
Thanks for the sup-port
my 16s like the nicotine in a newport
I'm like Too $hort... Pimpin these hoes
I'm the best at inventin the flow since Hov
What these other niggaz spittin is trash
But it's like hittin a glass when you listen to Cass... My shit


I still be fucking it all up
Gettin it, mixin it cuttin, it all up
I make hella cake and I'm addin it all up
And I ain't sellin weight, man I'm baggin it all up
My youngn's on the block they be knockin it all off
Who you think the feins be coppin it all off
My block got hard but we coppin it all soft
If its snakes in the grass we choppin it all off
If you late wit my cash I'm poppin at all yall
Wit my face in a mask I'm choppin at all yall
But due to the fact I be rappin and all that
I be actin and all that I ain't clappin at y'all cats
But before I did music and movies and all that
I was moving in all black wit the toolies and all that
But now I dont got time cause I'm eatin and all that
I'm too decent for all that to be beefin wit y'all cats... You on


CRACK!!!!, CRACK!!!!, CRACK!!!!
CRACK!!!!, CRACK!!!!, CRACK!!!!, CRACK!!!!!!
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