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Leftover Crack Crack City Rockers Lyrics

Last updated: 07/31/2013 06:11:09 AM

no panhandling they say it isnt a job
oh but i disagree ya ignorant slob
but there may come a day, when yer found down & out
and the hateful replies will fill ya with doubt
ya might be a skater ya might be a punk
just give us a quarter so we can get drunk
thank you for shopping and please come again

you suffer to know, try even harder to see
making sense of yer life in a fucked reality
from decatur st. up to avenue-A
from El Guadelupe in texas to the san francisco bay
ya turned a spangin' job into a life long career
for a tin A' tabacco and a fourty of beer
now yer drinkin & yer thinkin is my bad luck runnin' out?

yer stopped by the cops & ya hope & ya wish
& yer askin real nice for them to letcha go
so they ask if they were shot in the street
would ya laugh in their face and ya can't say no

after all of the times that ya barely scraped by
with the lice in yer hair and the gleam in yer eye
now yer drinkin' and yer thinkin is my bad luck runnin' out?

with the cobra we drank and the shit we were talkin'
in the tenderloin gutter we were crack city rockin'
yeah when we were alive we were wicked and young
with the good times we had and the songs we sung
now it's sad that you died and i wish you would stay
but i sold all my stamps at the end of the day
and now i'm drinkin' and i'm thinkin' is my bad luck runnin' out?

(yeah bad luck man, plenty of that to go around
my good friend gone was always there to share it with me)

after all of the times that ya barely scraped by
with the lice in yer hair and the gleam in yer eye
now yer drinkin' and yer thinkin is my bad luck runnin' out?

i got assualted by officer friendly
on the 4th of july stick a needle in my eye
i said "i didn't do nothin'" & "whats this all about?"
he said "resisting arrest" as his pulled his baton out
spitting bile and blood as they left me for dead
my thoughts leaked out through a fissure in my head
and the last one left is: is my bad luck running out?

Thanks to darian barron for submitting Crack City Rockers Lyrics.

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skinhead | Reviewer: fucko | 7/31/13

They said skinhead On the version released on the give em the boot compilation put out on hellcat records in 1999. They changed a lot of the imagery and content of their album before hellcat would release it.

It's skater | Reviewer: Ronnie | 3/12/11

It's definitely skater but I think he switches off at performances. Regardless, skinhead is nothing bad. Skinhead started as a social movement for workers rights, that's why they wear boots and suspenders. Skin heads wanted better working conditions and more equality in the work place. It wasn't white or black. Later on, nazis took it over and re-associated it with racism because they twisted it in their heads as being white workers rights with the whole non-whites taking whites jobs B.S. but any real skin head will kick your teeth in for calling them a racist. One group of ignorant people does not decide what the entire movement is about. People need to get educated before they just start talking.

re: Skinheads | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/09 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/10

thats fucking bollocks mate. america had fuck all to do with racist skinheads in the uk. it was the national front. and the general racist fucks living in shitty provincial towns in the 70's.

and its squatter, what none of you bothered to look in the cd booklet?

Skinhead | Reviewer: Punk | 7/21/10

Dude it's skinhead they are skinheads cuz skinheads have that Idgaf attitude just like punks and LoC are Anti-Racist, Anti-Homophobic, they don't like anyone who just tries to think that they're better than anyone else like if you try to put down the small and weak then they despise you

Skinheads | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/09

people dont know what skinhead is anymore. The first skinheads were black. Skinheads were around when 2nd wave of ska came about. Pretty much the Rude Bois of England. Its only till America got a hold did the racism begin

skin. | Reviewer: me | 1/8/09

i think it is skin head.. because it's representing the fact that they dont care who you are or where you stand. i also know there anti racism and anti homophobic. so i know where they stand.. but i think it is skinhead, i may be wrong but im just saying.

Squatter vs. Skinhead | Reviewer: xxombie | 1/25/08

I always heard it as skinhead, I think it makes a lot more sense. Why would a squatter ask another squatter for money? It's really probably skinhead.

jackass | Reviewer: nycskin | 11/16/07

It sounds more like skater than squatter, and so what if it was skinhead, you've obviously never been in the l.e.s., have you ever even been to an loc show?

skinhead??? | Reviewer: Derek | 11/9/07

"ya might be a squatter ya might be a punk" its squatter, not skinhead!!...what the fuck are you thinkin??