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Eddy Arnold Cowpoke Lyrics

Last updated: 08/01/2010 12:00:00 PM

(Stan Jones)
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I'm lonesome but I'm happy; rich but I'm broke
And the good Lord knows the reason, I'm just a cowpoke
From Cheyenne to Douglas all the ranges I know
I ride with the wind no one cares where I go
I ain't got a dime in these old wore out jeans
So I'll quit eatin' steak and I'll go back to beans
I'll pick up a ten spot in Prescott, I know,
For a-ridin' the broncs in the big rodeo,
Along in the springtime a filly I'll find
And I'll go around all the summer with her on my mind
But I'll never be branded and I'll never be broke
I'm a carefree range ridin' driftin' cowpoke
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