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When your heart's in someone else's hands
Monkey see and monkey do
Their wish is your command
You're not to blame
Everyone's the same

All you do is love and love is all you do
I should know by now, the way I fought for you
You're not to blame
Everyone's the same

I know you think that you're safe
Harmless deception
That keeps love at bay
It's the ones who resist that we most want to kiss
Wouldn't you say?
Cowboys and angels
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They all have the time for you
Why should I imagine
That I'd be a find for you
Why should I imagine
That I'd have something to say
But that scar on your face
That beautiful face of yours
In your heart there's a trace
Of someone before

When your heart's in someone else's plans
Things you say and things you do
They don't understand
It's such a shame
Always ends the same

You can call it love but I don't think it's true
You should know by now
I'm not the boy for you
You're not to blame
Always ends the same

I know you think that you're safe
Harmless affection
That keeps things this way
It's the ones who persist for the sake of a kiss
Who will pay
Cowboys and angels
They all take a shine to you
Why should I imagine that I was designed for you
Why should I believe
That you would stay

But that scar on your face
That beautiful face of yours
Don't you think that I know
They've hurt you before

Take this man to your bed
Maybe his hands will help you to forget
Please be stronger than your past
The future may still give you a chance
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hiding love away | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/13

We have all been on one side of this melody, some of us more than once, but dont give up. Lasting love comes when you least expect it, so dont miss it. Dont let your mind protect you too much.....let your heart be free, its a wonderful feeling.

One of the great ones | Reviewer: Major Domo | 8/1/13

This is one of the greatest songs ever. I predict that it will become a classic one day. I hope George can find happyness and get past crazy part of his life so that he can bring us more great songs like this. He is perfect for this type of music because he is so soulful his is voice is so silky and versatile. I believe he could be bigger then Sinatra and all the other neo-crooners if George really wanted to be. If George can get his life/act together he can give the world something special. I pray he does it because I am ready to buy all his music!

George, you are the best! | Reviewer: Svjetlana | 2/22/13

I love this man since he appeared with his amazing songs. This song is one of my favorites, it brings on surface such a strong emotions. An amasing melody, voice, lyrics...
I love you George for being there for me with yout songs throughout my life. I hope you will find the happiness you deserve.

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Blacklight | 11/26/12

I have been stuck on this song since the first time I heard it. The words and melody just cascade through your soul and wretch forth the tears, the hurt... and the hope. In the end, we all hope for love. To love... and be loved....
:-( Maybe one day

Perfect lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/11

This is just so spot on for me. Been hurt before, so now we're scared of feeling true affection for someone again. It's easier to just play with the harmless ones, take someone to your bed and let them make you forget how lonely you are. All it does is making you feel empty and hollow. And then you spot that special person that makes you feel something, but you're too scared to do anything about it. Ah, love... :P

damn good song | Reviewer: jay -bee | 5/27/08

for anybody that's ever been in love you've probally expercinced the lyrics of this song the fight for someones affection or attention and later the realization that maybe this person not right for you(or you're not right for this person)and the heartace the follows afterward,i remember hearing this song first(in 1990) not knowing that it would be a true testment to allmost every relationship i've been in scence then,but hey it'sstill a wonderful song if you never heard it listen to it i hope you enjoy it and i hope you have better luck in love

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