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Neil Diamond Courtin' Disaster Lyrics

Last updated: 06/26/2012 11:00:00 AM

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You walk by me
And my heart goes faster
Those eyes that smile, I know all the while
I'm courtin' disaster

You call my tune, I just obey it
Was long ago you loved me, I know
I once heard you say it

So I keep going on without ever knowing
All that I need to do
And I know some how,
It's the same way now for you.
And you're courtin' disaster too

I'm not an innocent man
Then you happened my way
Two paths that chanced to cross
One night on some secret highway

Still hear your words
And I believe you meant it
Your voice, that sound, the heat
What's worse, I still can remember

Can I keep going on without ever knowing
All that I need to do
And to know some how
It's the same way now for you

And we're courtin' disaster
Yeah, we're courtin' disaster

I could try to run away
But the feeling just won't set me free
If you need to find me,
You can find me here waiting
That's where I'll be

So walk on by
Temptation's growin'
Sometimes you court disaster
Just cause it keeps you going.
There's times you court disaster too
Without ever knowing

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