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Vanna Country Boys… Goddamn Lyrics

Last updated: 05/11/2007 12:00:00 PM

You sing just like
Uncaged birds.
‘Til the trees are ablaze.
The scribe licks his pen,
Come fly with me!
Rewrite our end.
Still alive.
This is peace.
They will never send for us.

These walls have taught us not to speak.
Not to feel.
Not to see.

Sing me to sleep.
(Sing to me)
Like this is home.
Sing for me
While we're alone.

Please stay! I need you here, my bird!

Dear God!
Call an ambulance!
Dear God!

You sing just like
Uncaged birds.
Still alive.
Thanks to Derek for submitting Country Boys… Goddamn Lyrics.