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Counting Crow'debut record, August and Everything After,
took the world by surprise only months after its release in
September of 1993. Fueled by the catchy, if not wholly
original, jangle of "Mr. Jones," the album generated a
cavalcade of interest in the San Francisco-based roots-rock
band whose timing couldn't have been better. Supporters
flocked to an album that was as moody and introspective as
Pearl Jam or Nirvana, but was rooted in the less bruising
strains of Van Morrison, the Band, and R.E.M. Detractors
teed off on Counting More...

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Review about Counting Crows songs
Just beautiful.. | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song Anna Begins performed by Counting Crows

This song has become my all time favorite alt rock song. Such beauty when Adam Duritz sings- "This time when kindness falls like rain, It washes me away" just beautiful. And also "Her kindness bangs a gong, It's moving me along, And Anna begins to fade away,it's chasing me away, she disappears". This has to be the most soothing alt rock song ever made. I just want to listen to this song everytime, when i'm down, up or just whatever.. Kudos to Counting Crows to make such a brilliant song, a true piece of art..

just lost my mother | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Long December performed by Counting Crows

I've just lost my mother (12/13). She had cancer and spent more than a month in the hospital (she entered nov 2nd and was taken to the ICU by the end of november).
I don't know, but this song just fits perfectly with everything. It's been in fact a long december (but also november, and october, when she was diagnosed and started the chemotherapy). Although I can say what was the last thing she told me as she was leaving (I'd say it was when they removed her to the ICU. I was with her, she just waved at me and said everything was gonna be alright, and then she spent the whole time in the ICU sedated until the end), the song just nails it perfectly about the feeling in the hospital, the bad news coming one after another, the time spent in the ICU waiting room to visit her every single day, making small talk with people who were suffering the same thing, the little joys and times of hope when things could get better (but never actually did).
But damn, I can't control my tears when the song says "I can't remember all the times I tried to tell myself To hold on to these moments as they pass", because that's exactly what I was thinking through the whole ordeal. I just wanted to spend all my time with her, and really regreted all the times I couldn't be.
So yes, it's been a long december, and it's gonna be a terrible Christmas.
But it's nice to hear this song. It just feels like someone else knows what you're going through. It doesn't stop the pain, but it eases it a little.

Sweet memories | Reviewer: Guido
    ------ About the song Accidentally In Love performed by Counting Crows

This song remembers me 'bout our memories. I have 6 friends. They're boys. We did everything together. Went to school, stealing a drink, we did these all together. Until we were separated by condition. I always cry if i watch our videos. We just like the boys at A7X's so far away. I miss you all.

A Long December | Reviewer: Shanna
    ------ About the song A Long December performed by Counting Crows

My mom was diagnosed with cancer in November of 2010, and my boyfriend found me this song, and told me it made him think of me, Hoping things would get better. The lines 'The smell of hospitals in winter And the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters, but no pearls' makes me think of all the time we spent in the hospital without any luck ever. My mom passed away May 15th of this year. And this has been the hardest year of my life. I want to get a tattoo to represent this song for her and myself. something with a pearl.

Amazing | Reviewer: Ask jimmorrison
    ------ About the song Round Here performed by Counting Crows

Except for the Nashville part, these lyrics are EXACTLY my life. Aha! Wow it never ends.
---Alelulia here she comes--the story was whatever was the song. big truck just greased her hip. Toro Toro taxi.

The world is not flat | Reviewer: sthpaw
    ------ About the song Colorblind performed by Counting Crows

My interpretation of the song is that it is about a person's willingness to stand up for what is right and let others know how they truly feel about something for which they may be ostracized. It is about not only being a good person on the inside, but being willing to let others know about your views on something and being willing to accept the consequences.

For me, "Colorblind" is about my willingness to not only accept people for who they are regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, education level, profession, etc, but more importantly to stand up for those people.

There have been times in my life when I had the opportunity to stand up for someone and I didn't....I regret not doing anything.

People who I thought were my friends have distanced themselves from me because of my beliefs. It is too bad they weren't willing stop seeing things with only their eyes. You will meet a lot of wonderful people if you are willing to open your heart and mind.

It takes a lot of courage to be "Colorblind" - the rewards are worth it.

A long december | Reviewer: mikey
    ------ About the song A Long December performed by Counting Crows

this song touches me in a way that bitter sweet, last year on xmas i asked my girl at the time to marry me she said yes we broke up shortly after that and we still are having a rough go we share the most beautiful baby girl a family can ask for and the lyrics "if you think a could be forgivin I wish you would" reaches out to me as well cause i hope my ex can for give me. we been thourgh alot and we have come so far.

This is beautiful | Reviewer: ...
    ------ About the song Round Here performed by Counting Crows

I first heard this through Panic! At The Disco's cover of this song (live), and it was so beautiful, I actually cried of how much emotion the singer put into the lyrics, as if he's telling us a story of his life or something...

beautiful. | Reviewer: jessie
    ------ About the song Colorblind performed by Counting Crows

i can't believe nobody else has picked up on this, but i believe this song may have something to do with eating disorders.

'coffee black and egg white' being things people will do on a diet (sometimes) and 'pull me out from inside' referring to purging.
and 'i am covered in skin, no one gets to come in', talking about the general seclusion that entails from having an eating disorder

A long november, december, etc. | Reviewer: Christina Hoag
    ------ About the song A Long December performed by Counting Crows

To me the song title makes me think of having a rough year of a lot of things going wrong, be it romantically, financially, car troubles, etc. I can relate because on October 31st, we hit a deer w/our only working vehicle over an hour away from home. The descent into one thing after another going wrong followed us for a long time, until the last fews days. Things are starting to turn around, I think.

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