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Don't fret precious I'm here.
Step away from the window.
Go back to sleep

Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do.

Counting bodies like sheep
Counting bodies like sheep

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Counting bodies like sheep

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

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Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep

Go back to sleep
Go to sleep [x14]
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums [x2]

I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons
I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason
I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
They're one in the same, I must isolate you…
Isolate and save you from yourself …

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This isn't a Tool song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/11

Why are there so many people trying to decipher this song's meaning? This isn't a Tool song, where the lyrics are a puzzle within a puzzle that can be interpreted different ways. Though the singer is the same from Tool, his lyrical composition in A Perfect Circle (and puscifer) is more straight-forward style. The meaning in this song is spoon fed, in the title.
And unlike a Tool song, he isn't using this as a metaphor for some other shit, he is actually talking about the government.

AWESOME SONG BY AWESOME BAND | Reviewer: jeremy coll | 10/26/11

i luv this. go back to sleep,... don't wake up and see or realize what's really goin' on behind the scenes. if you do, you may act/stand up against it. we don't want that. we want you to sleep (go on living blindly), so we can get to it all and ruin it all (govt speaking). bodies like sheep are all those who've fallen for the lies of the govt or religion, that they'll keep us safe from all the 'evils" out there. truth is, many of those so-called evils are just what could save us and they know it, so they keep us from finding out,... most of us (Americans). step away from the window so you won't see what i'm really up to (govt/religion speaking). they don' giv a f about you, like i do. (this is them lying to gain our trust/confidence). saying he'll protect us from voice of reason, trying to end our thought process. if we stop thinking, then we'll never realize who the real enemy is.
so u know, i am Christian, but not religious. Jesus was against the religious ones of His time, and even hated them. all He wants is for us to know and be more like Himself. a world/life that revolves around itself is merely a spinning top, destined to fall. going to church never saved anyone, but is a good place to go. only jesus can save a soul from the fires of hell.
prob'ly aPC's best song, tho-

religion | Reviewer: mike | 10/16/11

I think this song is about religion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and thats why i love this song so much. I think when hes telling he'll keep u safe from choice and a voice of reason and a will to survive, hes saying those words from gods mouth. Telling u to go back to sleep and step away from the window is saying keep up ur blind faith and dont look for anything else.theres a remix u heard that has another verse in the beginning and a part of that says those living fir death will die by theirbown hand. To me that means if u live ur life for religion than ur only true salvation is thru death and thats the only time u feel that u will truly be hapoy. And if u live ur life that way ur death will not be unexpected. But thats just what i got from it. Im a non believer so i may be biased. But whatever. U all who sit here and get pissed about these fuckin message boards are.all fuckin stupid. Get a life.

Re: off your high horse | Reviewer: Rebel | 9/6/11

Nope, im not english. Its not even my native language, so try your best to overcome my pitied lingual weaknesses.
And for the rest:
Typical touchy reaction. Just because i sad some bad about APC, you failed to comprehend the rest. Again: excluding other APC fans, none cares how proud you are that you could decipher the songs meaning AS A FAN. In fact, you just degrade their work. They wrote a song about a serious matter, and all they achieved is your blabla about being a fan and your self-complacency for being able to understand the song, which is, on its own, not a big deal.
You wanna be a true beacon of the songs spirit? Stop with the selfish stuff, and act with humility! Your first post suggests that its all about YOU, because YOUR favorite band sings it. Well heck NO, its a GLOBAL (well, at least national) problem, so its the minimum you dont act like its your own! Or else, your band fails its goals, and your government (dont be fooled its not Bush now...) got what he wanted: indignant people, who only speak, but DONT ACT against them. And those, my poor fellow, are like, or even worse then sheep.

off your high horse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/11

beer and vaginas! bald eagles and shit! fuck yes! hamburgers in my face! my penis is bigger than an air craft carrier, mutha fukas! touchdowns! explosions and pussy! yes! shit yes! (the stereotype the rest of the world has for us, and it's pretty spot on for most of us, eh? )

I'm a sheep because i like music? because i am an apc fan? you posted on the same review, but still are better? lean over the toilet, son, cause there is some shit coming out of your mouth.

"RE: A Work of Art" or "America, this is why you ARE Sheeple" | Reviewer: Rebel | 8/25/11

Lets shed some light on a few things:
The one, who posted before me, made some serious mistakes. I'm not an APC fan (to be honest, i think their music is like a group of Vietnamese people are having their intestines pulled out through their mouths, and the South Park qoute here is a big hint), and more importantly not even from USA, and never left Europe in my life. Still, that so called code only decipherable by fans was totally obvious from the first scene of the video or the second verse. The whole worlds public is laughing at you for falling for Bush and other "masterminds".
In fact, i find the whole song a ridiculous spoonfeed, and judging from the review before me, its just involuntary showing why most Americans are held boastful stupids. You need a song like this, to realize so simple things we see every day from the other side of a whole ocean. And when you get it? Amazed of yourself at how smart and exceptionally insightful you are.
Just think about 2 things:
1. None gives a fuck for the fact that you are an APC fan, because you dont know more about such an obvious matter as a fan.
2. Being so pleased because you could decipher the song is the goal of your government, thats why the song and the video are not banned. No, not because of constitutional rights, thats the blahblah. They know you get so easily amazed in your short sighted boastfulness, and thus all you do against them are these reviews. But who knows, you live in a so prosperous bubble, maybe you are happy being fat Sheeple.

A Work of Art | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/11

This song is a masterpiece and even after all this time, still remains one of my favourite songs. Not just by APC, but out of all the music I like. The background sounds and music are put together so well. Its like a code that only APC fans have the ability to decipher and realize that this song has a message behind it. I think the porn sounds in the back, coupled with the political speech is a metaphor. The fact that she's moaning and says "F*** Me", is a metaphor for people (Sheeple) continuously being screwed by the government. Although the music video is funny, it shouldn't be taken lightly. The truth is that the government and it's affiliates are doing everything they can to keep us distracted. We have to keep our eyes open before we end up in the grinder like so many people who have become sheep. Its so sad to see people with their heads stuck in celebrity gossip magazines, kids with their eyes glued to their phones, texting and chatting, without a clue that the world around them is falling apart. I'm fearful for what future my kids will have(assuming i have any).

Just something to think about.

Fear | Reviewer: Exeyr | 2/18/11

I really like this song an APC in general. Imo the goverment metaphor is the most likely one. But guess you could interpret it differently. Which is okay because it's not like at the end of the song it says "p.s. This is about the goverment"... Ooh and btw. Don't fall asleep to this song. Saw the worst nightmare of my life...

meaning | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/9/11

APC is the female version of Tool.

And somehow because of the "son", this is some kind of fucked up bedtime story.

Scaring a child, it's basically the news.
Showing you all this kind of shit and hate.
But the mother forcing her child to watch it all instead of protecting her son...

Go back to sleep. | Reviewer: Will | 3/19/10

Before I begin, to the anonymous reviewer of "WAKE UP AMERICA," I couldn't agree more. Thank you for those words of truth.
Just to clear it up, YES the girl in the background is PORN. Anybody ever heard of "Panem et Circenses"? It means "bread and circuses" in latin. It was part of the Roman Empire's politics and our politics as well... Feed the people and distract them, then you can walk all over them. The porn represents one of the many distractions... Also, if you have seen the video for this song (not sure if it is the official video or a fan made video) television is another one of the distractions.
Also, this song is NOT a remix of "Pet." Very similar lyrics, yes, but not a remix. eMOTIVe (the album this song is on) contains 10 covers and 2 original songs (not 100% positive about these numbers, but I am pretty sure). Pet was an original song by APC on their album "Thirteenth Step" and they "covered" their own song on this album.
Anyways, the meaning of this song is rather clear. It is meant to be heard as if the government were singing it to you. "Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
See, they don't give a fuck about you, like I do." "Go back to sleep" When he says "step away from the window" it is representative of someone who knows that the government is corrupt but the government tries to coax them back.
The sheep represent the people. Sheep follow blindly, forget instantly, live blithely and ingenuously. Nuff said.
Anyways, this is a FANTASTIC song, I think we can all agree on that.

great song | Reviewer: | 2/23/10

I feel this song reflects the protection of the niaeve and innocent in an inapproprite manner. Not implyin physical harm, more like a kid locked in a tower away from the evils of the earth due to his(maynard's) own demons he has faced early an thru out life. "Countin bodies like sheep to the rhythms of the war drums" a metaphor to represent his way of keepin said person safe from it all,song reveals fear and anger for the cruelty of life. Read 10 reviews they probably all different an this ones mine for wut its worth wether u like it or not.

from the hitler country | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/10

i`ve read all the posts and i have to answer.
i grow up in this country, so i growed up with the hilter-nistory. perhaps this song have some to do with all the shit going on in this unbeliveable time.
but anyway. we ALL have to do some. and we are a lot of free people here in Germany. we`re not longer Nazis. Some maybe are, but i guess everywhere in the world are dump people like that.
so thanks for the music, we all have a voice, we all have a choice. lets stand together. cause we germans know what we have to do. NO MORE WAR! NO MORE HATE!
a believer!

WAKE UP AMERICA! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/10

Maynard is talking about what is going on RIGHT NOW!!! WAKE UP SHEEPLE! And the Hitler in the background represents "socialism"... Our Constitution is going to support itself! Bush, Obama... that's two strikes.. 3 and our Republic is officially gone.. Pay attention to more lyrics and think of it in the present sense.. Get politically involved.. Remember 2 wings, same bird! Vote third party.. Reps and Dems are both owned by their parties.. not we the people!
Google Mike Prysner and watch his speech... (short)

I completly Agree with Holocaust. | Reviewer: Kc | 11/28/09

Without a doubt, the fly-like sounds: Surrounding the food and the horrid smells and all the dead people piles. And the "Count bodies like sheep" all the dead bodies and also "To the rhythm of the war drums" is revolving about World War Two, I too thought I heard Hitler's voice and the faint screaming, "Go back to sleep" As if the kid had a nightmare about the whole thing, or its a person repeating it to another person. I dont know for sure what the song actually means. But thats what I think.

lalalalaa | Reviewer: Taylorrrr | 11/25/09

It's not porn, it's a girl sobbing. I think it has to do with the holocaust, I think the man giving a speech in the background is Hitler. Also the girl in the background is sobbing and saying "I hate my life" at least I think so. I could be wrong though. Awesome song though. I love APC.

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