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Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society Counterfeit God Lyrics

Last updated: 02/07/2010 10:00:00 AM

Can't you see I feel your pain?
I've got Jesus running through my veins
In this hopeless life that's turned on you
Give yourself to me, I'll help you through
I feed off your unanswered fear
When visions of life's end appear
Hand over your will and then you'll see
Now get on your knees and worship me

Worship me
On your knees
Worship me

In this world when at it's best
Of never ending hate and death
Abandon all and trust in me
Escaping from reality
My world it has no space or time
The crippled walk and the sick feel fine
Hand over your will and then you'll see
Now get on your knees and worship me


Beyond this wall of life unknown
I'll lead you where you need to go
Void of worry, stress and pain
Left with nothing but your name
We've washed your brain and cleansed your soul
Till' nothing's all you need to know
Hand over your will and then you'll see
Now get on your knees and worship me

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Don't blame a religion for corrupt people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/10

This song does seem against crazy fundamentalists like Leper Messiah by Metallica now that you mention it. The extremists and fakes that overdo it maybe.

Also I've seen Zakk do the sign of the cross in some of his concerts/videos while he's playing and look up to heaven. That's interesting tidbit too so I don't think he's against the faith just against the extremists maybe.

I do not understand why so many people bash religion itself. There are extremists and mean people in every religion, group, believe, genre, and walk of life imaginable. People should be angry at the extremists not the belief system! Religion shouldn't be blamed for the acts of messed up people.

And I don't get this whole "secular" and "christian" category thing for music. I say it's limiting. One should research bands each individually. Just because it's not under a "christian" label doesn't automatically make it anti-christian. For instance, if you look at Metallica or Black Sabbath, a lot of their lyrics are of christian nature and just because they are not always singing about Christianity does not make them immoral either. For instance, some bands are anti-war and that's not a bad thing.

How amusing.... | Reviewer: Katie | 9/7/09

Some of you have mentioned religions as not being cults. You are mistaking the difference between two words, cult and occult. EVERY religion in the world is a CULT.

Cult: (kult)

1. A system of religious rites and observances.
2. Zealous devotion to a person, ideal, or thing.
3. The object of this devotion.

Occult (e-kult)
1. Of or pertaining to various magical arts and practices, as astrology, alchemy, etc.
2. Beyond human understanding; mysterious
3. Not divulged or disclosed; secret.

Have you never heard of the modern invention called the dictionary?
If you've ever picked one up in your life, you'd know this.

On a side note, the song is clearly making references to all the holy rollers on the television who claim that they can wave their hand over the top of someone's head, make them fall over and have them be miraculously healed of all their ailments.
Look at Benny Hinn.
The dude was proven to be a fraud.
He instilled false hope into the hearts of so many people that were on their last rope, taking probably the last bit of money they had in their pockets.

"Zakk has NO right whatsoever judging televangelists when he is a drunkard."
Sounds to me like you just made a judgment there yourself, mister. And just because I'm analytical, it's "Judge not, that ye be not judged" word for word from the bible.

I'm not a "Christian" and I don't have a certain religion at all, I prefer to keep it that way. But I have read the bible cover to cover and it peeves me a little when people don't quote it as it is written, for some reason. =/

Truth be told, the people bashing the song and jumping down others' throats for putting down "televangelists" are probably going to the SAME kind of churches themselves. With pastors who claim to be able to "heal" you. So they don't know any better because it's brainwashed them as well.

Yeah... | Reviewer: Big Z | 9/1/09

You all sit there and critisize any form of actual religion, when look at the lyrics. They talk about how cults take people who are afraid and lonely and draw them in with false hopes, then wipe their identity. If you people had more then a fistful of shit for a brain, you'd know how cults primarily do this, not religions. Please learn not to be stupid ape-fucks and read what the lyrics say.

I feel Zakk Wylde on this one | Reviewer: Daniel | 6/27/09

I use to be a Christian and know what the Bible says and everything. I use to play drums at my church. Now I play in a rock band and I have secular views on Christianity. Zakk Wylde in this song, Counterfeit God, describes about how I view Christianity now. Tainted as it may be, I have my beliefs just like everyone else.

Is it good or bad? | Reviewer: Andy | 3/24/09

If you have to sit and question whether the song is bad or good, there's obviously something there to lead you to believe it's bad. If it's of God you wouldn't be asking that. I love Zakk, always have.. But sometimes I question whether or not the guy is confused on what he believes. Zakk has NO right whatsoever judging televangelists when he is a drunkard. "Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself." I don't know the true meaning, only Zakk could tell you himself. But if he's talking about TV preachers, he's a hypocrit himself.

Importance | Reviewer: Joshua Holdsworth | 11/23/08

Look im not to sure about some of the music Zakk writes. Wether it be solo work or for Black Label Society. Songs Like doomsday jesus, and sweet jesus i havent heard and since im christian im not going to but i do know i take my christianty to seriously hence forth ive stopped listening to secular music wether it be from slipknot and dragonforce to metallica and iron maiden i wont listen. Only christian or religious as long as its related to god well u know what i mean as long as the artist is somehow tied in with god or maintains a faith. But Zakk is not against god and nor is this song against god. I agree about it been direceted at evangelists or preachers who claim to heal people. Watch zakk wylde interviews. In one particular one he speaks about dime bag and that he's in heaven and dime always had god and jesus flowing through him. In another he says dime is in gods cavern (another word for bar, pub). so i highly doubt he is anti religious. he is an irish catholic

Ahh | Reviewer: Corey M | 4/21/08

If anyone bothered to do any research before they started to mouth off about the song they would realize that Zakk is in no way putting down Christianity.
The song is about the falsehoods the televangelists use to lure people in and get their money. Some of these people act like they are the second coming of Jesus and can "heel" anyone with anything. I put heel in quotations because it has been proven several times that most of these people use actors planted in the audience.

not a idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

notice "idiot" that this song is not a badass calling 'hey there's no god' As it states in the title it's 'bout counterfeit god - false god created by the religions which are staying between men and god creating their own vision of the god himself and blinding crowd with it. The lyrics are ironic impersonation of some priest

idiot. | Reviewer: Billy | 8/14/07

okay look its a fucking song, he's a badass, so he picked a badass subject 2 write a song about. the same thing with Slayer they have a song called disciple and in the song it says "god hates us all". and the lead singer is catholic. they really dont mean anything on those song.

organized religion by christ 101 | Reviewer: nunya | 8/1/07

if any of you are beleivers in jesus christ you should realize christ himself started the first organized religion... christ formed 12 apostles to lead the church... there is a true church of christ but you have to ask yourself which one is it? people bash on organized religion but christ himself instituted his own organized religion.... alot of people turn their back on religion for many reasons... and try to drag others down with them (satan himself did the same thing) some poeple turn their back on religion cause they dont want the guilt for their wrong doings, or dont want to feel accountable for their wrong doings, some like premartial sex... therefore religion is not for them cause they dont want to do what they want to do, etc.. and so on... dont be so hypocritical... dont bash organized religion then say i beleive in christ... i'm a huge zakk fan... love his guitar style and play but i dont like it when someone i like so much bashes religion cause i'ts a big part of my life...

fyi... i'm mormon, i do beleive it's christs church restored since the church was lost when the apostles were killed off... the first organized christian religion... but you all must find this for yourself... if you beleive in christ read the bible and pay attention he himself organized his fathers church on earth...

good luck to you all, keep up the great work and music zakk.... although i dont agree wiht this song i do recognize your talent and do appriciate it...