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The Clash Corner Soul Lyrics

Last updated: 12/16/2012 06:26:31 AM

Is the music of grove skin rock Soaked in the diesel of war boys war? Blood, black gold and the face of a judge Is the music calling for a river of blood?

Beat the drums tonight, Alphonso Spread the news all over the grove The big meeting has decided That total war must burn on the grove

Does it mean I should take my machete To chop my way through the path of life? Does it mean I should run with the dog pack Is that the way to be the one to survive?

Never need a gun says Tai Chi Move on up to dragon snaps his tail Fall back on still waters Hammer with his eye on the nail

Spread the word tonight please, Sammy They're searching every house on the grove Don't go alone now, Sammy! The wind has blown away the corner soul

Tell the news for me, Sammy They're searching every place on the grove But don't go down alone new, Sammy! The wind has blown away the corner soul

Is the music calling for a river of blood?

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Joe Strummer's Folk Roots | Reviewer: Jeff Sanchez | 1/11/2006

Corner Soul falls into the category of Clash music that defies categorization- not punk, not rock, what exactly is it? A lilting folk tune with reggae influence, featuring what sounds like accordion and sympathetic background vocals, Corner Soul reveals Joe Strummer's folk roots.
In another guise, John Graham Mellor was known as "Woody" because of his identification with traveling minstrel Woody Guthrie. In 1976, Woody became Joe Strummer, with short hair and spraypainted clothes, but essentially still a folkie at heart. Punk was, after all, a form of folk music- it came from the streets, and represented the true aspirations of real people. It wasn't till much later that it turned into a fad, by which time Joe had progressed back to the folk roots that were among his biggest influences. Corner Soul in particular, and the Sandinista album as a whole
give evidence of these influences, as does Joe's later work with the Mescaleros.
The lyrics concern the sentiments of a sensitive soul who knows the savagery of the streets, but also knows that music never calls for bloodshed. Instead, the narrator searches for a peaceful way to avoid bloodshed- tai chi, music, and community.
This is one of Joe's least appreciated compositions, and shows that he was years ahead of his time. It still sounds fresh today, whereas a lot of the angrier Clash material has begun to sound dated. Fads come and go, but Folk music is always at the heart of great songwriting.

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