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Hip-Hop’s street messiah, CORMEGA, returns with The True
Meaning – the highly anticipated sophomore album from
Queensbridge’s microphone maestro. On his latest creative
effort, Cormega feeds hip-hop’s hungry disciples with
sixteen lyrical commandments, resurrecting hip-hop with his
street scripture. On The True Meaning, Cormega stops short
of walking on water; instead he anoints the minds of
followers and fans with another ‘testament’ of ‘the
realness’ needed in hip-hop today. “I consider The True
Meaning to be a mirror image of More...

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Submit Cormega New Lyrics

Review about Cormega songs
Embarrassing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song MARS performed by Cormega

There are so many errors it's actually funny. This is a dope track and somebody did no justice by posting BAD lyrics. I mean some are not even hard to hear and somebody got it way wrong. I'll post the correct lyrics when I get a chance.

Poetry | Reviewer: AJ
    ------ About the song Interlude performed by Cormega

This is brilliant.

I have made a few t-shirts based on this profound wisdom! :D

You guys suck | Reviewer: emzee
    ------ About the song American Beauty performed by Cormega

the lyrics are wrong yet again, anybody who listens to this song can clearly distinguish his words..."I erase the urge" lol this wouldn't make sense with the rest of the song. It's "I embrace the urge" u dumbasses

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