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HEIGTH: 4'11

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Talented and missed | Reviewer: Alicia Jordan | 1/10/11

I am 39 yrs old and i love this young mans voice. I pray that his career gets back on track for he is truly talented. Bought his cd for my daughter when he first came out and i ended up the one being the fan. Love your music Corey!

loves yhu | Reviewer: yarmaine | 11/5/10

wow its been a min since yyhu came out wit a hit but to me the old hits are still bumpin..i love eva thing about yhu even thou im 18 now i cnt get enough of yhu yhur the best. my fav song would have to be the first tiime."still remember when i first saw her face it was may or maybe june i think i remember ran home and told my mom i was in love she said corey yhu just to young to even understand the word" swwweeeee i love it ...i just wonted to tell yhu i hope to yhu soon so many rumors a re going around n i wont yhu to prove them all wrng i beleave in yhu n evathing about yhu ...much love ~lala aka yhur thru #one fan~

ii'm ur biigest fann | Reviewer: Dimplez | 7/4/10

ii luuv yuu sooo much.... ii listen 2ew awee uur hitss nnd ur song ''first time'' is a big inspiration nnd a huge help in my relashionship with a guy dat ii luuv morr dann nythiing. budtt nyway thanxx a lot 40rr juss bein you nnd hopefully you will come back soon. love ya Corey

for lil corey | Reviewer: monique brooks | 6/8/10

hi lil Corey i would like to say that i can't believe that i am leaving a comment on your page but anyway this is Monique Marie brooks i would like to say that i love all your music and you too bye.

You are so fine | Reviewer: Shaunice_Sexy | 5/11/10

Omg. I cant believe that i am leaving a comment on your page. i just wanted you to know that I am you number 1 fan and I love all of your music that you produce especially say yes. well gotta go bye.

i like ur music | Reviewer: Destiny | 4/16/10

the first song i heard of urs wuz stop tallkin bout me and it is bumpin and i like custest girl, say yes and hush little lady. so if u can email me so i can give u my address to send me a cd with these songs on there and more thanks for takin ur time and reading this

jass | Reviewer: jass | 4/13/10

hay corey i really lyk yo music exspecially "say yes" ummm..... well you need to cum out wit sumin new an mi auntie krista said she really use to lyk yo music when she wuzz younger lol.! bhutt im yo numba1 fan so yew beta belive it hahahaha

hi corey | Reviewer: justin brown | 3/29/10

i like to say thank you for say yes music i put it on my i pod it.s cool i wish you can make a new cd. last year did you hear about king of pop michael jackson that he died you must been sad? you sing with him if i was you i make a new corey cd with say yes and make me feel and sun shine that you play on youtube its a good music. come on corey don.t give up your dream. make it good sell more cd . justin

i love your sond first time | Reviewer: catrina parham | 2/26/10

u are the best singer i know to sing a song like that i love that song and i love you i cant wait until u come out with other song every u sing is the best and i remeber the first time i fell in love.

love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/09

i didnt know u existed before until i heard "first time" i love your songs and wish that u still made albums its okay if you cant or dont want to anymore i understand things happen you have touched my heart so thanks! The same thing happened to me and the first time i heard it i cried thanks alot

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