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Old John Joseph was a man with two first names
They left him in the railroad yard when they took away the trains
Only one run a week comes on roaring down that line
So all he's got to worry 'bout is time.

I come by in the evening to hear 'bout where he's been
He says - Come on sit down Kid, where shall I begin?
He starts telling me the stories of the glories of his past
But he always saves the story of his Corey for the last.

And he says - My Corey's coming. No more sad stories coming
My midnight-moonlight-morning-glory's coming aren't you girl?
And like I told you, when she holds you
She enfolds you in her world.

I was quite surprised to find out all the places that he knew
And so I asked the townfolk if his stories were true
They said - Old John was born here, he's lived here all his life
He's never had a woman, let alone a wife.

And very soon you'll find out as you check around
That no one named Corey's ever lived in this town
So I chided the old man 'bout the truth that I had heard
He smiled and said - Reality is only just a word.

I came by one evening but he did not hear my shout
I looked in the window and saw the fire was out
When he would not wake up I forced in the door
And found that Old John Joseph would tell stories no more.

The scene at the graveyard, three of us were there
Me and the gravedigger heard the parson's prayer
He said - We need not grieve for this man,
For we know that God cares!

They put the cold dirt over him and left me on my own
And when at last I looked up I saw I was not alone
Standing there in silence with a shawl around her face
Stood a beautiful young woman
I remember what she said
"Is that John Joseph there?"
I nodded my head yes.
That brought a soft smile to her.
She said "It's time he, he got some rest"
So I said - If you're a relative, he had a peaceful end.
She said - My name is Corey - you can say I'm just a friend.

Corey's coming, no more sad stories coming
My midnight-moonlight-morning-glory's coming aren't you girl?
And like I told you, when she holds you
She enfolds you in her world.

So that's the old man's story, I'm glad you came tonight
A busted down old railroad yard sure makes a lonely sight
You may wonder why a young man would work out here alone
Well the job pays enough to keep some flesh on my bones.

And I confess I get to missing the old man a bit
And there's one other reason I guess I should admit -

Can't you see my Corey's coming, no more sad stories coming
My midnight-moonlight-morning-glory's coming aren't you girl?
And like he told me, when she holds me
She enfolds me in her world.

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Special | Reviewer: Bern | 8/7/11

I have known a LOT of great story tellers like the old man in this song. I can see him as clearly as I can see a movie.

Story tellers like Harry Chapin seem to be fading out but really they are still around. Rena Wren of Hot Springs is one, Trish Murphy of Austin is another great one. When you find a great singer-songwriter/story teller, support them by buying their music.

I love this song! | Reviewer: Corey | 1/26/08

I grew up listening to all of Harry Chapin's great songs because of my parents' passion for his music- but this one is special to me. I was named after this song in 1981 and to this day am proud to be named Corey. :)

My Corey is getting married | Reviewer: Bill | 10/5/07

I named my daughter Corey because of this song nearly 27 years ago. Soon her fiance'will be able to say his Corey is coming down the isle.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Barry | 8/22/07

I love this song. I to can see Corey and the railroad yard, and Old John Jospeh! In Fact I have a nephew named Cory, and I love him and thinkl of him when I hear this..a masterpeice!

my Corry's coming one day also | Reviewer: Kristen | 8/20/06

This is one of my favorite Chapin songs, and now it's also one of my 14 yr old daughters also. She loves the lyrics & we decided that when the guy singing began to wait for his Corry to come that we would wait for our male "Corry" to come also. It is such a powerfully romantic song, and the minute the song begins, my mind immediately envisions the rail yard. I don't even get a minute to choose to mentally visit the site-it's automatic. What a wonderful storyteller!

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