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Bad Brains Coptic Times Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2012 06:10:13 AM

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These are Coptic Times!
Got righteous in my life
With no burdens over me
So I choose to read the Holy Bible
And take what Jah's given me
It seems that all through life
One fact prevails
That the righteous all live on

These are Coptic Times!

Leaving this place won't be no big disgrace
Let loose all those lies
And hold on to your faith
In a matter of time, there will be no faith
Let loose all those lies
And hold on to your faith!

Revelation been foretold, now it's up to you
I choose to do the right and live in truth
Israel must unite. Israel must unite.
It's the youth that God has ordained and he's calling you!

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