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b. Artis Ivey, 1964, Compton, Los Angeles, California, USA.
Boasting of a long, though infrequently recorded, career in
hip-hop, rapper Coolio appeared alongside other west coast
luminaries such as Dr. Dre when he was still with the World
Class Wreckin' Crew. He even signed to Ruthless Records for
a brief, unproductive spell. His debut release was 'Whatcha
Gonna Do', one of the very first Los Angeles rap records,
followed by 'You're Gonna Miss Me'.

After attending rehabilitation classes in an attempt to
kick his cocaine habit, More...

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Review about Coolio songs
Sample | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gangsta's Paradise performed by Coolio

Anthologik song! Think I'll always love it as the original one. For those who want to know, the sample comes from "Pastime Paradise" of Steve Wonder.

Peace out guyz!

see you when you get there | Reviewer: Ali Mugwena
    ------ About the song I See You When You Get There performed by Coolio

This song takes me back to My teen stage, i remember at Mudimeli secondary school, that was the Time i started to fall deeply in Love with rnb and hiphop Music. Werd r u Kenneth Mpfuni? He use to Love This song. Eixxxxx!

Hello | Reviewer: Ortiz
    ------ About the song Gangsta's Paradise performed by Coolio

This song is the best ever in
Hip hop community Coolio was
relax enough b4 he wrote it. I remember
the first time i heard it, i never stop to love it
till now. Big up bro ur always made ma day thnx.

This Is...*insert epic fruit here* | Reviewer: SuperDude
    ------ About the song Gangsta's Paradise performed by Coolio

Awesome! You think I'd say that? Well...I'd say this is just a great example of gangstas who are rapping while getting ready to rob some emeralds...I wouldn't know just by the song. But that doesn't matter to me. I remember this now. I remember it being a no. 1 in the UK in the mid '90s. Only reason I know is because I'm from the UK and I've even seen the CD where it even MENTIONED IT! Lol I'm not mad, just saying.

coolest rap song compilation in the entire free world!!! | Reviewer: spiny gabor
    ------ About the song Gangsta's Paradise performed by Coolio

Don't usually listen to rap, r&b, soul, funk, jazz & rhythm sektor... but, this song has an intrinsic, collective beat that transcends what i usually listen to such as black metal, industrial, pop, punk and gothic such as hole, Marilyn Manson, placebo, Impaled Nazarene, sisters of mercy, Christian death, poe, venom, Britney spears, etc... it was on npr this morning on the way back from the methadone clinic & pharmacy. Btw, i have a little heart left in my rotten pile of dry bones... this song bro

True Song | Reviewer: Annonmonous
    ------ About the song Gangsta's Paradise performed by Coolio

This sng is awesome. It's Coolio telling that the youth are getting left behind and no me is trying to help them. No me will try anymore. That's his life. That is how he was raised. This stuff happens all around us and no one will stop and help.

word up!!! | Reviewer: jazzyP
    ------ About the song Gangsta's Paradise performed by Coolio

hatz off to coolio.respect dat was some talent showcased ryt de.everytym i listen to this jamn i feel real rap en makes me wanna say old dkool is realy cool.i knw de a critics out de bt yhats hw it iz.weeba coolio iz i kne he can dig dis 2pac ,Biggie,EassyE en ODB feel me too.Old xool iz kool wit ds tun gangster's paradise wooooord up!!!!!!!!

Cool coolio | Reviewer: O g loc
    ------ About the song Gangsta's Paradise performed by Coolio

The first time I heard this song "gangsta's paradise" it hit me and it is a great song.i been wanting to hear that song ever since.I even sing it sometimes at school.I think it is a great song.

what do u think sure! life | Reviewer: ageru mekonen
    ------ About the song Gangsta's Paradise performed by Coolio

when i saw paradis movie wow woow i said to my self i think dis is movie life of mirror. i learn that movie how cares for an other peopel and looking for how solve bruoblem. no matter what anybody make u upset. u most to be forgiveness love again. movie and song they are husband and wife if no husband no wife,if no wife no husband if no love no life, if no life, no love. if no movie, no music, all i wanna to say without song of gangsta's paradise that movie was't worth.!!!

We Are All Winners! | Reviewer: Brad Smith
    ------ About the song The Winner performed by Coolio

Awesome song that lift your spirit, and confirms what God has put in all of us - the will to succeed. Great lyrics, awesome beat, and a powerful message. Sometimes when I need a push, I'll
play this jam, and it always comes through. Keep on pushin, cause no matter what, if you work hard enough, you can be a winner, too! God Bless Us All!!!

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