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Hank Williams Cool Water Lyrics

Last updated: 10/30/2006 11:00:00 AM

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COOL WATER Lyrics 4/4
Key: [C] Hank Williams version.

All [C] day I've faced the [G7] bar - ren waste
With [C] out the taste of [G7] wa-ter..... cool, [C] wa-ter.
Ole [F] Dan and I, with [G7] throats burned dry ,
and [C] souls that [F] cry
for [C] wa-ter.... [G7] cool, clear [C] wa-ter.

The [C] nights are cool and [G7] I'm a fool.
Each [C] star's a pool of [G7] wa-ter.... cool, clear [C] wa-ter.
And [F] with the dawn I'll [G7] wake and yawn
and [C] car-ry [F] on
to [C] wa-ter.... [G7] cool, clear [C] wa-ter.

The [C] sha - dows sway and [G7] seem to say
To- [C] night we pray for [G7] wa-ter.... cool, clear [C] wa-ter
And [F] way up there He'll [G7] hear our prayer
and [C] show us [F] where
there's [C] wa-ter.... [G7] cool, clear [C]wa-ter.

[C] Keep a-movin' Dan. Don't you [G7] listen to him Dan.
He's the [C] devil, not a man.
He [G7] spreads the burnin' sand with [C] wa-ter.
Say [F] Dan can't you see that [G7] big green tree,
where the [F] water's runnin' free.
It's [G7] waiting there for you and [C] me
and [G7] wa-ter.... cool, clear [C] wa-ter.

Dan's [C] feet are sore he's [G7] yearnin' for
Just [C] one thing more than [G7] wa-ter.... cool, clear [C] wa-ter.
Like [F] me I guess he'd [G7] like to rest
where [C] there's no [F] quest
for [C] wa-ter.... [G7] cool, clear [C] wa-ter.

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