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Converge combine the best of the worlds of hardcore, metal,
and punk into a comglomeration of musical heaviness that
reduces listeners to dust. They began in 1991 with their
first demo, which was quickly followed up by their first
limited-edition ep, now gathering dust in many a
collector's archives. More releases followed over the
years, including the debut "Halo in a Haystack" LP, the
"Caring and Killing" semi-discography, and 1995's classic
"Unloved and Weeded Out" EP. They caught the attention of
EVR with the release of More...

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Reviews about Converge songs

wtf | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Eagles Become Vultures performed by Converge

I love their songs, this one is amazing but not being able to tell the lyrics even when they are in front of my nose is extremely annoying. Jacob Bannon should enunciate better, they'd be truly great if he could do so without lowering the aggressiveness

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