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Control is dead in this blind world,
For we do what we hate.
Split from inside.
Betrayed by emotion.
We must look past what is in front of us.
Shadows are security.

They have become the solace of my looking glass heart.
In search for certainty, I no longer need control.

Take me through the fire, refine what is Yours.
It is time to overcome this.
We must look past what is in front of us.

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As i lay dying | Reviewer: Bonolo demoth Khonkhe | 8/7/12

Fact is these guys are so good that they destroy your conseption of existance,lol you will be forced to listen to their music regardless of ur beliefs. . . Those who are resisting are only delaying the inevitable. . .As i lay dying is SOLID!

... | Reviewer: josh | 9/9/11

rick, and evry one else who is arguing, every member of the band is christian. watch their dvd. none of thier songs can really be interpreted for one meaning. you can take this song in any way you like, and most likely you will be right. it differs from your own personal life experiences. but tim doesnt write about his beliefs as a christian, he writes about his own life experiences, love, mistakes, and so forth. of course his lyrics are to some degree influenced by his beliefs, but not fully. he does not preach god or whatever in any of his songs. and im happy about that, being an athiest. but they make great music, dont get all worked up over the meanings, its different for everyone.

Peace | Reviewer: Rick | 1/26/11

Hi everybody...first I want to let you know that I am a Christian. As for AILD, I cannot say, only God can. Looking at songs like "Forever" though, it seems that they are Christian on some level. I felt I had to post something having read the comments about this song. If we all like the music we shouldn't be fighting but we should be at peace with each other based on this mutual aspect. Some of us find deeper meanings in the lyrics - I think this song is about sin struggles for example. If you disagree and just want to bang your head, I'll bang mine with you. But hatred is certainly not what God or the band intended. As for one personal opinion of mine, whether or not music is from your soul, I would hope you would want your soul to be guided. Otherwise you are just wandering the earth aimlessly and without direction, dreams, or purpose. Love be with you all.

As I Lay Dying | Reviewer: Cameron | 12/12/10

guys, there is no need in argueing!!! i love as i lay dying and so do all of you,so why argue??? yeah you guys may beleive in different things but we still all like as i lay dying, and their music is whats important not all this bickering. so stop arguein and LET THE POWER OF METAL COMPELL YOU :D

Seriously, guys? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/10

Do we have to have this argument EVERY time we talk about an AILD song? Every single time?

Look, when someone writes a bunch of songs, their worldview shows. There are lot of AILD songs with debateable interpretations. I love debeating them, too. But it seems fairly obvious this one is about God.

It's very good, musically. Their music and lyrics are both extremely intelligent.

AILD counts as those "weird religious pricks."

Nonchristians, I'm glad you guys love AILD. They're an amazing bad. But seriously, please behave. And Christians, you are really misrepresenting Christians and Christ. "Who cares about what you say" makes Christians in general looks like jerks, and thus, Jesus too.

fuck you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/10

listen you christian fucks as i lay dying is one of the best bands in the world im from canada and i never heard anything so good in my life all you weird little pricks needa fuck off with the christian shit i say fuck all religion its life live it up drink smoke toke bang heads and blast some fucking AS I LAY DYING!!!!!!!

not so christian | Reviewer: miers | 11/24/09

yes they are Christians....but they are not a christian metal band. Tim Lambesis himself says that nothing they sing about aims to have any religious connotations.

this song is good because it speaks about everyday life. just as all their songs do.
Religion should stop being a part of music. music is from the soul and your soul shouldnt be guided.

The best | Reviewer: | 10/27/09

Not only this song but aild is the most amazing band ever, they've changed my look on life, they pulled me from my deep decrepit lifestyle and refined what i knew about faith, the band sat down with me and talked to me about the christian faith and taught me to lay my life in gods hands and that everything happens for a reason... stefanie, they are the best christian metal band ever

lost | Reviewer: Jonni | 10/5/07

so very great song , espacally (yeah i know m<y english sucks really) if you are drubnken =)=) if you are drunk enough you can also say that the conntröl is dearth =)=)

amazing | Reviewer: stefanie | 8/4/07

this song is so tatally amazing, wwhyam i the only one writing reviews about this song

awsome | Reviewer: stefanie | 8/1/07

they are like the best christian metal bandd in the whole entire world. dont u think so? who cares what you have to say about how good they are. me and my sister love them. we think the world of them.

the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/07

this song rocks, it is the best. i especially like it knowing that it is sung by my most favorite christian band in the whole entire world.

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