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Please speak softly, for they will hear us
And they'll find out why we don't trust them
Speak up dear cause I cannot hear you
I need to know why we don't trust them

Explain to me this conspiracy against me (yeah...yeah)
And tell me how I've lost my power (Ohh, yeah)

Where can I turn? Cause I need something more
Surrounded by uncertainties I'm so unsure of
Tell me why I feel so alone cause I need to Know to whom do I owe

Explain to me this conspiracy against me (yeah...yeah)
And tell me how I've lost my power (ohh, yeah)

I thought that we'd make it
Because you said that we'd make it through
And when all security fails
will you be there to help me through

Explain to me this conspiracy against me (Yeah....yeah)
And tell me how I've lost my power (ohhhhhh....)

I've lost my power

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Paramore fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/11

This song conspiracy by paramore is awsm. Hayley is my fav. N d guys r so gud i jst luv paramore. I cn easily relate myself 2 their song . Their songs are so powerful and meanigful. A band lyk paramore cn never be form again. Jst upset wid farro brothers leavin d band bt i wishes dm all d best 4 their future.. waiting desperatly for their 4th album. U guys rock..... Love u guys..

paramore is the best | Reviewer: sherilyn | 1/17/11

their Lyrics are always meaningful and have something behind it that connect to my life somehow.. i just love it,
its so meaningful unlike some pop songs that always mean " i wanna hook up with you but i wont see you anymore tomorrow" or any songs that are about sex money and drugs and getting high.
Paramore's songs are about LIFE, and is just so great :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

ParaMORE and more and more! | Reviewer: BREEzy | 11/30/10

blah blah blah...all I know is I love Paramore, specifically Zac Farro and Hayley Williams. The whole band itself is out of this world. One of my dreams I wish to accomplish before I die is: Singing playing guitar for Hayley while she sings a song I wrote. =) Ah, sweet dreams :P

Inspiring | Reviewer: Katy' | 9/7/10

Obviously, this song isn't exactly explaining the situation that I'm in right now with my dad. But, it comes damn close. Paramore always manages to cone out with songs that I can very specifically relate to, even with such vague lyrics ( room to create, I suppose ) and that is a talent left alone for Paramore, if that makes sense? My all time favorite band. No competition. And Hayley is so real and down to earth. She's a really great role model for anyone and I just love her and the boys ( of course ) to death. Idk if they'll ever see this , but if they do: you guys are amazing. Keep up the good work and stay real. We love you!

wow | Reviewer: bee | 2/1/10

this girl can sing!! i actually juuuust joined a band on friday and im the new song writter and singer, sometimes guitarist and paramore is one of my inspirations!!! hopefully they continue inspiring me !!!

AMAZING, IT GAVE ME CHILLS! | Reviewer: Happyjkman | 11/10/09

I don't like paramore that much but I am currently in production of making a dark comedy drama of conspirators in life and my editor thought this song was great for the endig credits! A war on humans is the main point and I heard this song and agreed that this song will be the main theme for the film. An amazing cause of word painting that helps visualize the situation and emotions at hand when conspired against. Just waiting on rights and it will be inthe film.

haha | Reviewer: Ange | 6/8/09

Haha, i might be the only one who thinks about this, besides Paramore if this is what it's really about.
But, i am currently in Language Arts class and we are reading Julius Caeser and well theres this scene that they kept talking about conspiracy with the conspirators, and well i got this song stuck in my head, and then i started singing it to myself, and then honestly i looked up the lyrics for my teacher and she couldnt believe it
so all in all im basically saying that this song is like how Julius Caeser lost his power because of all the conspirators against him and every one planning behind his back and being sneaky.
so, its just really weird that i related this song to literature but honestly i think its very closely related.
&& if you read Julius Caser you'll know.

i can give you an example from my life | Reviewer: GabrielBey | 3/5/09

this song is about being surrounded with people you love and with the one you love.. then its all pulled away from you.. like being in a church and all the people there think your a good person.. but yet you fall in love with someone of the opposite race.. then they look at you like you did something wrong... then she breaks up with you for no reason and feels she has to conform to fitting in.. explain to me this conspiracy against me!. shes the one whispering in my ear in the first verse.. then breakups with me the second verse.. and im asking the third verse and the chorus.. thats how i see it..

Paramore rawks! | Reviewer: Arlene | 11/30/08

Tha first song that I've heard by Paramore was Misery Business. I fell in love wit Paramore since then nd all I can say is they really rawk! Hayley has the most powerful nd beautiful voice! How I hope to be in their concert some day
Paramore rawks bettah than any others! Juz plz dun change

pretty good lyrics | Reviewer: Rach --RIOT! | 9/10/08

when i first got their album i didnt like this song at all, it just seemed so depressing, and to be honest i dont really like the song that much now but i LOVE the lyrics they are so awesome, Hayley has the best voice I've ever heard!!. PARAMORE ROCK!!! <333333

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