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Conor Maynard Biography

Last updated: 05/07/2012 12:00:00 PM

Rising star Conor Maynard is on the fast-track to success with radio stations and TV channels adding his debut single 'Can't Say No' to their playlists in ever-increasing numbers, national press coverage rolling in thick and fast and the track already in the Top 5 of the Shazam pre-order chart.

His 'Mayniac' fanbase well and truly lived up to their name last Thursday by stopping traffic, singing along word-perfect to 'Can't Say No' and deafening bystanders with their screaming when Conor played his third-ever gig at a sold-out London's Islington Academy.

As the Daily Star said on Saturday he "was swamped by hysteria as the self-dubbed Mayniacs vied for his attention... [and] swooned each refrain of the teen idol's debut... Busting at the seams with credible talent and superstar presence, Conor Maynard is hell-bent on a meteoric rise."

And today's Metro splashes with a lead story about Pharrell Williams flying Conor Maynard out to Miami this week to record new tracks for Conor's debut album, which he reveals will have a very modern urban flavour with lots of British influences alongside the superstar American sounds.

In amongst the madness Conor found time recently to drop in on Tom Deacon's radio show at Radio One, where a crowd of fans were waiting for him, autograph-books in hand. The video for his debut single 'Can't Say No', which has had well over 750,000 views in a week can be watched here.

'Can't Say No' is released on April 16th through Parlophone Records. Conor's debut album will be released in the summer.