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No one ever said that life was fair, and I'm not saying that it should be
So knowing that you are where you want to be, and I'm not, comes as no surprise
But don't expect me to be happy for you
And don't smile at me and tell me things will work out for me too
I don't want your pity
I hate your pity

Taste your vanity and its sweet bitterness
As you hide behind your veil of my stolen hopes and lost dreams...
...I watched you steal my thoughts and had to see you smile
...You took them all...

As you build your dreams on my shattered hopes
I'll look back on a day once loved and fantasize for tragedy

Swallow your pride

Beg me to make this easier and listen to my hopeless cries

Suffer alone in emptiness
I lust to see you swallowed by the mess that you left in your wake
Disgust lies deep within your empty gaze

Beg me to make this easier and listen as my hopeless cries
Send stares into your meaningless eyes

My envy can't describe how I loathe you for having all the stars
Leaving my eyes to marvel the sky knowing it should be mine
Yet it's you I see wasting the dream that only I deserve
I'll tear off your face to see your smile

As you build your dreams on my shattered hopes
I'll look back on a day once loved and fantasize for tragedy

Swallow your pride

Beg me to make this easier and listen as my hopeless cries
Send stares into your meaningless eyes

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Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/12

One of my favorite songs ever. Described me for a while. Girl i went out with had it all, and she acted like life was tough. And always told her friends how hard life was for her. In the end she cheated, i lost my friends, and am now homeless. Life sucks. Yes Sydney meilstrup i hate your Fucking guts you self absorbed Whore. Go cry me a Fucking river so i can watch you drown in it.

Lol! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/12

This is a great song, but the emo 13 year olds all think this song is about them. Go slit your wrists because your mommy won't understand you and neither does anyone else. Even though when you look at it, your lives aren't that bad, really.

Congrats | Reviewer: Lost guy | 5/20/12

well 2 years ago i met one girl and later on she become my gf for 1 year we were in love.But one day she met one guy at her place and she started dating with that guy for more than a month she did not keep in touch with me later on i came to know that she is in love with some one else.hmmm i guess she never loved me she was just playing around with me anways ( but still i love her).... i bless both of them stay happy rest of there life if he cheats on her or betrayed i will break his bones i just wanna see her happy.

So relevant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/12

I am currently dealing with a BS situation that seems very fitting to this song. This girl, leads me on and then destroys my soul and breaks my heart. So AWESOME...Thanks Shelly. "Congratuations, I Hate you!"

Kills me everytime I hear it. | Reviewer: Ren | 2/17/12

This is about throwing away old toys and replacing them with new shiny ones.

I had this girlfriend and we were happy, one day we applied for a job and we both got accepted in the same place. WE were told relationships were not allowed so we kept in secrecy. Until one day i found a message on her phone (Love, Where are you I'm missing you already) and found out from my gf that she was going out with my friend at work. So there goes our two years of happy relationship. Broken by a fucking now im alone and they're happy building their dreams on my shattered hopes.

Congratulations Jovy I hate you, I'll break your face if you make my girl cry. I'll break it so no one will recognize you b*tch.

Congratulations I hate you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/11

This song always used to bring tears to my eyes jealousy is not something I am used to but when my girlfriend broke up with me never heard from her from that day till 2 years later I mean I thought we could have had a friendship at least or something I spent a long time alone because of this girl depressed and I just didn't know why till this day I dont know why it happened when things were going so well I have even talked to her a few times never gotten an answer well when she asked to go out with me again I kicked her to the curb and since she has left me I asked out my bestfriend and we plan to get married after college

Congratulations Amber I Fucking Hate You

congratulations Dani, I hate you | Reviewer: Another Rose left to wither | 7/10/11

This song is about jealousy. Like when someone gets all that you deserve and want. I could relate to that. I know a gorgeous girl. She's perferct, smart,beautiful skun, funny, great body. She was shy I and we got along well. Now she post pictures of herself half naked. She stole the guy I really liked. She only talks to me when I comment her pic and she's kinda stuck up. We ALL get it Danii your gorgeous and have a body most girls would want. But personality wise yourva total fail now. How do you not expect guys to treat you like another object to hump if you act like it. Have fun being treated like crap, your as bad as the girls you dislike so much:p


Jazzy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/11

i have a friend. a year younger than me. she took the guy i liked. she took everything that was once mine. she took my friends. she took half my life. she took my mom. yes i mean my mom. shes what you would call perfect. but a little on the tubby side. shes crazy. and i hate her. i want to tell her about this song so bad. but i cant...

this is life | Reviewer: OssumPossumAli | 5/14/11

This song reminds me of one of my old best friends. She was all nice to me for years and the second she makes new friends that are "cooler" and not "weird" or "emo", I'm ditched. This songs about jealousy of a person for getting what you worked at. Welcome to my life.

i love this song when im alone. | Reviewer: Aazah | 4/24/11

I have no friends left..
people think i have a kind heart, but i keep getting betrayer by people who i get so close to even my best friend told me he would never betray me but he only comes over if he gets something out of it like he wouldn't come over if it didn't benefit him.
but i don't mean to complain i just want whats fair and no i never said life was fair and im not saying it should be... but my life is a JOKE!

:P | Reviewer: Karlie | 3/14/11

Ya I think that this song is about jelousy, and how someone else gets everything and you dont. I can relate to this because my life sucks, and everyone I know is completely happy saying that things will work out for me, or they just call me emo and completely avoid me.. But the second one is pretty much everyone, even my mom.

relevant.. | Reviewer: nitzy | 2/23/11

yeeah.. this guy and me were making plans to date, then one day before it was going to happen, he decides to date someone else. after liking me for months. does this make sense to anyone? that and shes a total downgrade... but yeah. this song has helped me. i love it. i love alesana.

congratulations ben. i hate you.

this song is awesome | Reviewer: TNT | 1/8/11

I love this song...It reminds me a lot of how I feel about my friend, he took my other two friends and I hate him for it, because they were once so close to me, and I hate the way he looks at me like he's better, but he feels bad. Because I know he doesn't.
(Lol, I ranted)

Anyhow, I think this song is not necessarily about love, more like jealousy towards someone who was once close. ):

SDR<3'sCML | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/10

oh my goodness! i love this song! i used to hate because the guy im inlove with gave it to me... but then i liked it because i didnt realize exactly how much i love it! more than i thought it was.... i dont want your pit i hate your pity! i do and thats just how it is!!!!! :]

Fantabulous | Reviewer: Cye | 2/26/10

I fucking love this song. Its on my myspace page. And I agree with nate. This song has nothing to do with break ups and shit like that. It is about jealousy and envy and how someone else succeed where you failed. So stop comparing then you little emo kids.

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