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That night I never came home.
Wandering souls captured my thoughts..
Emptiness filled my mind.
Urgency spoke her lies.
In the confines of these gray walls.
I watched them move together.
Taking me places I cannot remember (remember).
We have been poured out...
Into this loveless bride..
How quickly I forget...
That this is meaningless.
How quickly I forget...
That this is meaningless.
in a world passing through my fingers.
I still chase the wind.
How quickly I forget...
That this is meaningless
How quickly I forget...
That this is meaningless
what have I learned from yesterday?
what have I learned from yesterday?

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How it is | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/11

I really want to meet some of you people, but others....sound completely lost and retarded. Anyways...i was looking at some of the first reviews in 2005 and most of them are like "You guys Rock!" Type reviews. Now most of them are trying to explain the bands beliefs or throwing their own petsonal opinion about god. I dont give a fuck about what any of you really think. If the band is legitimately good then listen to it. If you fucking believe in god, then believe, if you dont then shut the fuck up no one gives a shit what comes out of your dumbass or wannabe intelligent mouths. Be real people come on.

Confined - The Song | Reviewer: Gordon James | 1/26/11


Greets to all who love metal.

AILD is a band at the top of their career.
Rod Smith of Decibel Magazine described the vocals as . . "Tim Lambesis’ finely honed roar in bittersweet instrumental matrices . . ."

Dave Arthur (of the band Kings to You) did the studio version of the clean vocals.

The contrast between Tim's "roar" and Dave's melody is a huge contast.
Great work.

Instrumentals are amazing and tight. Nothing sloppy about their musical ability. If you are looking for melodic vocals - look elsewhere! Tim screams and roars out thought provoking lyrics in his trademark style.

Great song from a great album from a great band.

p.s. For those who want to discuss religion or philosophy contact me directly. I love the discussion, but a song or album review is not the place.

AILD | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/24/11

I myself am trying to find the deeper meaning behind this song at the momemt and i wanted to see if any of you had good ideas...i looked through some and if you want the truth i do not give a FUCK whether or not AILD are christian. AILD do not mention their faith in their songs from what i have seen if otherwise i still do not care because this is a great melodic metal band in my opinion and a lot of their songs touched me in ways no other songs have. If you care so much about their religion stop listening to them because no one gives a fuck what you think.

wow | Reviewer: gnome | 12/8/10

Reading most of these comments makes me c a majority of u r dumb as hell holy shit AILD is an awesome band but shit guys look at all religions they of huge holes and break their own laws in some way its just christians make the biggest asses of themselves with it if ur going to follow something make sure its not contridicting itself cause I haven't seen 1 religion worth following just fuckin live life and enjoy it

Hello | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/10

"If God is All-knowing, all-mighty, the creator of the world as we know it and the universe around, the creator of life and man, do you really think that he/she would demand constant praise and foot kissing?"
Doesn't he deserve to be praised for his marvels? Christians are the ones who believe so indeed.
"If god did create us in his image and gave us this world, dont you think that it would be so that we can experience this life he has created for us and find our own feet and learn from our own mistakes?"
Yes, he does, but God also put the bible there so that the mistakes we do make don't put us into any harm or danger. I suggest you read it, it's a sound book when it comes to advice in life.

I'm not being sarcastic here, many people wonder about these questions and I'm just trying to help out. I'm not one of those "devil this, devil that" Christians because I realize that it just annoys people. If they want to hear what I have to say then let it be so I will not force it unto them for they will reject it. I believe it's about intent, if you listen to this AILD with an evil intent in your heart, well then you should consolidate why so.


amazing | Reviewer: anon | 9/3/10

look when AILD was interviewed they simply stated that all of them were christian. they never implied that there were a christian band. and yes there is a difference. read up on what they think. personally i care less on what there religion is. all i care about is there music and how well they are at it.

to the anonymous on 3/28/10 | Reviewer: Nick | 4/8/10

im a christian. i love this band and all kinds of music. even stuff like behemoth. i read what u wrote a few times. that was really...eye opening for me. thank you. ive been struggling with my religion for a while and ive been looking different places to see what people say. and now i just stumbled across that and that really helped me. thank you.

UNconfined | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/10

To the cussing religious "Anonymous" on the 7/08/09.

First of all I do not hate christians or religion and I love AILD.

Have you ever been told to never use the word your defining in definition? A similar approach needs to be adopted by some loud spoken christians. A statement like "Read revelations to see what Jesus is going to do to your master" is totally flawed. it is YOUR book of faith. of course your book of faith is going to reinforce your religious views and beliefs. If you are trying to prove a point to those who do not share your faith then do not use a book that they do not view as a reliable source of information.

This is a question i do propose to ANY member of ANY religious church:

If God is All-knowing, all-mighty, the creator of the world as we know it and the universe around, the creator of life and man, do you really think that he/she would demand constant praise and foot kissing?
If god did create us in his image and gave us this world, dont you think that it would be so that we can experience this life he has created for us and find our own feet and learn from our own mistakes?
I love the friendly values that most christians share, they are generally some of the most loving and caring people i have met. What I take offense at is what i call "hardcorebiblebashers" those who are constantly telling you that "this is a sin" and "that is the devil" and "your going to hell" and "jesus is frowning on you". Stop being so BLACK AND WHITE! everything doesnt have to be put in a Right and Wrong category. Live life. Experience life. Make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Love those close to you and try to give to your fellow men and women. We have the ability to think freely and minds and bodies capable of shaping the world. God would not have given us these if all he wanted us to do was sit with our heads buried in our palms and prayers praising his name.
I hope i have not offended anyone.
Mankind will fail when our ambitious greed surpasses our ability to love.

Wow... | Reviewer: Forrest | 2/24/10

Ok so what if your christian or not, AILD is an amazing band. AILD is christan and their really open about it their lryics have one meaning but do we really understand what they mean? We all have OPINIONS on what the lyrics mean but very few of people know!

From | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/09

Confined - "In this song, "home" is a place of purpose and vision. This song is about losing that sense of purpose and being caught up in the meaningless things of this life, like materialism and the temporary emotions that control our thoughts and actions. As easily as I identify these meaningless things, I often catch myself being emptied into these passionless desires. There is such a strong sense of urgency for everything that we do in life, but how many of those urgent tasks will last long enough to justify our efforts? I begin to ask myself that same questions while looking out the window beyond the grey walls of our tour van. There are so many places we have gone that I will never forget, but that same van has taken me to countless cities in pursuit of what I will never be able to take with me beyond this life"

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