Confederate Railroad Albums

  • Unleashed Album (8/28/2001)
    Still One Outlaw Left
    What Brothers Do
    She Treats Her Body Like a Temple
    I'm Diggin' It
    White Trash With Money
    Wasted Time
    The "R" Word
    Borrowed Time
    Between the Rainbows and the Rain
    Thick as Thieves

  • Greatest Hits Album (6/18/1996)
    Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind
    Elvis & Andy
    Finish What You Started
    Jesus and Mama
    Queen of Memphis
    See Ya
    The One You Love The Most
    Trashy Women
    When And Where

  • Confederate Railroad Album (12/1/1992)
    She Took It Like a Man
    Long Gone
    Jesus and Mama
    Time off for Bad Behavior
    She Never Cried
    Black Label, White Lies
    When You Leave That Way (You Can Never Go Back)
    Queen of Memphis
    You Don't Know What It's Like
    Trashy Women

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